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Queen Camilla SETS UP HUGE REVENGE On Harry And Meghan

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Queen Camila has unveiled her latest project, a podcast titled “The Reading Room,” marking her foray into the digital audio realm. This comes just months after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, faced setbacks with their Spotify deal.

Camila, the wife of King Charles, appears to be taking a subtle revenge against the couple, who recently parted ways with Spotify after just one series of Meghan’s podcast, “Archetypes.” The Queen’s podcast, “The Reading Room,” follows the success of her online book club, signaling a new direction in the digital space.

The move is seen as a strategic retaliation, especially considering that Harry had targeted Camila in his memoir, branding her a villain and accusing her of leaking stories to the press. Despite never publicly responding to these allegations, Camila’s podcast launch is perceived as an accomplishment in an area where the Sussexes fell short.

Denise Palmer Davis, a brand expert and director of Bourn Media, commented on the situation, stating, “After all the hurtful things Harry has said about Camila, she has finally got her own back on them. If her podcast does well, and I am sure it will, she will have achieved in an area they so desperately wanted to succeed in. Then that is the perfect revenge.”

Camila’s podcast, set to feature esteemed readers and writers like Dame Joanna Lumley, Ian Rankin, David Baddiel, and Elif Shafak, is scheduled to release its first episode on January 8th. The series, stemming from Camila’s successful online book club during the pandemic, is expected to make waves, potentially causing discomfort in Montecito, where Harry and Meghan currently reside.

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Royal expert Jenny Bond shed light on Camila’s passion for literature, emphasizing that the podcast is not financially beneficial for her. Bond stated, “It wouldn’t have been any part of Camila’s decision to launch this podcast. She is better than that. I very much doubt that she gives Meghan much thought; she is far too busy making a resounding success of her new role.”

As the royal drama unfolds in the digital space, all eyes are on Queen Camila’s podcast, poised to become a successful venture and, perhaps, the ultimate revenge against her critics.

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