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Doria Ragland’s Bombshell Confession About Meghan and Harry’s Future

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Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, has moved in with her daughter and Prince Harry to support them during challenging times. The year 2023 was particularly tough for the couple, and Doria, a 67-year-old yoga teacher, has been a pillar of strength for them.

Daily express reported that Doria has taken up residence in the guesthouse of the Sussexes’ Californian mansion in Montecito. This move not only allows her to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren but also saves her from a nearly three-hour car journey from her home in View Park-Windsor Hills in Los Angeles.

The source revealed, “Doria looks fighting fit but she’s nearly 70 and gets tired of the car rides from her home to see her daughter and grandchildren. It takes nearly three hours to drive one way, so it made sense for her to move into the guesthouse. She now spends more time there than in her own house.”

Over the past year, Meghan has leaned on her mother more than ever. Prince Harry also appreciates Doria’s presence and enjoys having her around. However, Doria respects their privacy and retreats to the guesthouse when Harry needs some alone time.

“Doria has basically become the mother of the household,” the source added. “Harry loves to be mothered so he finds Doria being there very refreshing. Harry appreciates the warmth and kindness that Doria brings to the family.”

Doria also spent the Christmas holidays with the Sussexes at their Montecito home. This followed the family’s holiday to Costa Rica in mid-to-late December, where they visited Zapotal, Nandayure, and Guanacaste.

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Despite the challenges faced by the Sussexes, Doria’s move has brought a sense of comfort and stability to their home. Her presence has not only helped Meghan and Harry navigate through their tough times but has also brought a sense of warmth and love to their family.

In conclusion, Doria Ragland’s decision to move in with Meghan and Harry is a testament to the strength of family bonds. Her support during their difficult times underscores the importance of family and the role it plays in providing comfort and stability. As the Sussexes navigate their way through these challenging times, they can take solace in the fact that they have Doria by their side, providing the warmth, love, and support they need.

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