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Meghan Markle Faces Firestorm as Angela Levin Accuses Her of ‘Evil’ Megxit Plots

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Meghan Markle is once again making headlines, this time as she finds herself at the center of a heated feud with renowned royal biographer Angela Levin. The tension between the two women has reached a boiling point, with Levin challenging what she perceives as Markle’s “evil” plot to sever ties with the royal family through the controversial Megxit decision.

As Reported By daily Express The ongoing saga of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family, which has come to be known as “Megxit,” has ignited a firestorm of controversy and debate since the couple announced their decision in early 2020. While some have hailed their move as a bid for independence and self-determination, others have criticized the couple, particularly Meghan Markle, for their perceived disrespect and disregard for royal tradition.

The latest development in this tumultuous tale involves a scathing public challenge from Angela Levin, a respected royal biographer who has long been critical of Meghan Markle. In a series of tweets and interviews, Levin has directly addressed Markle, accusing her of orchestrating “hideoys plots” and vowing that her schemes will no longer be tolerated.

The source of Levin’s anger lies in what she sees as Markle’s calculated efforts to undermine the royal family. In particular, Levin has taken issue with Markle’s reported desire to distance herself from her royal roots, as well as her and Prince Harry’s decision to establish a new life for themselves in the United States. According to Levin, these actions represent a deliberate attempt to disrupt the monarchy and its long-standing traditions.

Levin’s challenge to Markle has ruffled feathers and sparked a fervent reaction from supporters and critics alike. Some have praised Levin for speaking out against what they perceive as Markle’s betrayal of the royal family, while others have condemned her for launching a personal attack against the Duchess of Sussex.

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In response to Levin’s verbal assault, Meghan Markle has remained relatively silent, choosing to stay out of the public eye and avoid engaging with the controversy. However, sources close to the Duchess have indicated that she is deeply hurt by the accusations and is considering potential avenues for addressing Levin’s comments.

Interestingly, the feud between Markle and Levin may have deeper roots than just their differing views on the royal family. Levin’s critical stance towards Markle predates the Megxit saga, with the biographer having previously cast doubt on Markle’s character and motives in various media appearances and publications.

The ongoing clashes between Meghan Markle and her critics highlight the enduring fascination and controversy that continues to surround the Duchess of Sussex. With the dust yet to settle on the fallout from Megxit, it remains to be seen how Markle will navigate the latest storm of criticism and whether she will choose to directly address Levin’s challenge.

As the saga of Megxit rages on, the tension between Meghan Markle and her detractors continues to generate headlines and capture the public’s attention. Whether the Duchess will be able to weather this latest storm and emerge unscathed remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the drama surrounding her and Prince Harry shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

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