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Illegal Immigrants Abandoned at Sea, Facing Tragic Drowning (Video)

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A distressing video shared on Twitter by a British activist has surfaced, allegedly capturing the devastating moment when a group of migrants faced a tragic end in the middle of the sea. According to reports, these individuals, identified as illegal immigrants, were risking their lives in pursuit of safety in a European country.

The footage purportedly shows the migrants encountering a vessel during their journey, believing it to be a rescue team. However, unbeknownst to them, the vessel belonged to Libya. Instead of offering assistance, the Libyan vessel reportedly abandoned them at sea, leaving the migrants helpless in perilous waters.

Regrettably, nearly half of these individuals met a tragic fate as they struggled in the sea, with many of them drowning to death. The incident sheds light on the immense risks undertaken by migrants seeking refuge and the grim consequences when assistance is not provided.

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