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Prince William Labels Kate Middleton ‘Crazy’ – The Shocking Reason Behind Their Private Feud Will Leave You Speechless!”

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Royal family watchers felt shocked to learn that Prince William called his wife Kate Middleton insane. And some felt concerned about the possibility of trouble in royal paradise.

Kate Middleton ‘Loves’ This Habit
Prince William views his wife Kate Middleton as insane about one aspect of her life. But Princess Kate shared that what William views as “crazy,” she “absolutely loves,” according to People.

And the 41-year-old Princess of Wales has turned her love for icy cold swimming into a key part of her exercise regime.

Prince William Calls Kate Middleton Crazy: Here’s Why!

Kate shared her fitness fave on an episode of The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast. But Kate also noted that her parents encouraged her to stay active since childhood.

And when it comes to swimming in cold water, she confessed, “The colder, the better. I absolutely love it.” But Princess Kate admitted that her husband thinks that her fitness habit seems insane. “To the point where William’s like, ‘Catherine, you’re crazy.’ And it’s dark, and it’s raining.”

Kate Middleton Shares Her Fitness Routine
However, despite swimming in cold water, Kate did develop a way to stay warm after she gets out. And she keeps a robe available for her post-workout time.

But Princess Kate also enjoys playing tennis. And Prince William shares the court with her at their Anmer Hall home. As for the children, Kate loves hopping on the trampoline with all three children.

But don’t underestimate this busy royal mom when it comes to her competitive nature. And Kate has even played beer pong. However, Kate’s and William’s children don’t seem as competitive as their mother.

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And Kate shared that Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, so far have indicated “just a little bit [of competitiveness], I would suggest. What I think is really interesting is that they are all obviously very different temperaments,” noted Kate.

And she shared that her children “are growing and trying out different sports. They’re obviously still really young,” Kate added. “It’s going to be interesting to see how that grows and develops.”

However, Princess Kate and Prince William do compete with each other. For instance, they competed in a spin bike race, which Kate won. And they also challenged each other in a sailing contestant, which William won.

But the royal couple also enjoy playing table tennis. And “it becomes a mental challenge between the two of us,” admitted Kate. she said. However, Prince William feels that the outcome depends on “who can out-mental each other.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Kate’s fondness for swimming in cold waters? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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