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My bulge is so big I can’t get a date – I just want to find my dream woman’

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Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend can be tricky, and it’s extra tough for Callum Lyon, who’s 32 and lives in Pontefract. He uses apps on his phone to meet new people, but here’s the catch – he keeps getting kicked off these chatting apps because some people are uncomfortable with the size of his private parts.

Having stayed away from drinking for a few years, Callum doesn’t go out much. To meet new people, he uses dating websites. But there’s a problem – his accounts on Hinge and Tinder keep getting suspended or removed.

This happens when he posts pictures wearing joggers because you can see the outline of his private parts. Callum finds it frustrating because it’s something he can’t really control. Even though he occasionally posts shirtless pictures with the lower part covered, mirror selfies inadvertently reveal his entire body, causing the issue.

Right now, Callum is facing a tough situation – he’s been suspended from Hinge, and even his original Tinder account got suspended. He’s created a new one, but he’s unsure how long it will stay active. Callum, who used to be a personal trainer and is now a content creator, shared his story exclusively with The Daily Star. He explained, “I’ve been back on dating apps a few months but my Hinge and Tinder got suspended for indecent images. Even though it’s just me with my shirt off in joggers because of my bulge.”

For Callum, being on dating sites is crucial because he’s been sober for three years, and he doesn’t go out much to meet people. Dating apps are his primary option. In his pictures, you’ll notice he often shows off his upper body by taking off his shirt, but he makes sure to cover his lower half. However, the challenge remains as what’s beneath his jogging bottoms can still be quite noticeable.

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Callum feels like the dating platforms are finding it a bit too much to handle, but he believes it’s unfair to face a ban for something he can’t control. Expressing his frustration, he said, “I shouldn’t have been removed for something I can’t help. There’s plenty of women on there with everything out, and they remove me for this. It’s very frustrating because I just want to meet my future ex-wife.”

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