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Kate Middleton Uses Queen Elizabeth’s Trick to Respond to Meghan Markle’s Attacks

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Find out what Queen Elizabeth always did that the Princess of Wales is doing now to combat the bad press brought on after Meghan Markle’s biographer released another book.

A few members of the royal family had their names dragged through the mud when a book titled Endgame hit the shelves in November 2023. The author is Omid Scobie who has often been referred to as Meghan Markle’s “mouthpiece.” Even though he denies that many royal watchers still believe he got his information for the book from Prince Harry’s wife.

Scobie discussed the subject of race in Endgame. First, he took aim at Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh describing her as “casually bigoted.” And in the Dutch version of the book alleged that the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) was one of the royals who questioned the Sussexes’ son Archie’s skin color before he was born. Now, a PR expert says the princess is using Queen Elizabeth II’s trick to cope with the negative headlines.

The director of Borne Media, Denise Palmer-Davies, spoke to The Sun about how Kate has been using her late grandmother-in-law’s old rule to weather the storm, telling the publication: “We know that Kate looked up to the queen and learned a lot from her. There are so many similarities between the two of them, but it’s now really only since the queen has passed that we’ve started to notice them.”

The PR expert continued: “The queen put an invisibility shield around the royals — no one wanted to disrespect her or question her dedication to duty. The queen was a strong, powerful woman who was respected globally. And we now see Kate emerging as this queen in waiting, who is just as strong and powerful. Her dedication to duty and work with charities has not only made her hugely popular with the public but respected too. And I think it’s this level of respect and class — similar to what the queen had – that is getting the royal family through [these claims].

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“Kate is following the queen’s key rule of ‘never complain, never explain’ and is carrying on with her daily duties. We have seen her out and about, at important engagements smiling and showing the world she is strong — and that’s the shield. It’s a shield of strength and stoicism really.

Another expert and commentator Jennie Bond previously said in addition to adopting the late monarch’s “never complain, never explain” policy, the Princess of Wales learned several other important lessons from Queen Elizabeth.

“Catherine got on very well with the late queen and will have drawn many lessons from watching her at work,” Bond said. “Kate has this natural charm, an unstuffiness about her, and a genuine interest in people that is beguiling. She’s also a have-a-go sort of girl — sporty, competitive, and always willing to join in rather than stand on the sidelines and watch.

“She really is the perfect image of a queen.”

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