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Harry and Meghan face ‘trouble next year’ as TV host predicts they’ll ‘finally’ breakup

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t had the easiest year this year, and it looks like they’re not in for a great one in 2024 either, one TV host predicts. The brutal claim over Harry and Meghan potentially going through a breakup next year was discussed on a panel.

This year, Prince Harry released his bombshell memoir Spare, which sent shockwaves through the royal family, and the public. Although King Charles and the rest of the family did not publically respond to the book or any claims made, it’s thought to have ‘strained the relationship’ between father and son even further.

The couple tied the knot five years ago, and have had two children since. However, one newsreader thinks their sixth year will be the last.

When speaking about 2024 predictions on Sky News Australia, Reporter Danica De Giorgio didn’t have a good prediction to share.

“Harry and Meghan will split next year, finally. The ‘woe is me couple’ will call it quits,” she said.

She then said, surprisingly, she thinks Meghan Markle will be the one to initiate it. “She’s had enough, she wants to go back to her D-Grade acting career

“She realizes that it hasn’t quite worked out with Harry because her career’s gone nowhere. They’re going to call it quits and he’ll rekindle the family,” the TV host concluded.

Earlier this year, the Sussexes sparked split rumors when Meghan was seen without her ring. However, these rumors were put to rest when it was revealed it was just being serviced.

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It comes after Graydon Carter, former editor of Vanity Fair, said he believed their relationship would last “years rather than decades”. A source close to the duo came out to say this made Prince Harry feel ‘humiliated’ and upset over the cruel comment. The Duke reportedly was concerned the comments coming from the former editor would appear to have a sense of truth due to his previous position, but not because the claims were actually accurate.

2023 didn’t end well for the couple either

Although the couple are still going strong this year, their year didn’t end on a positive when they were branded amongst the biggest losers by The Hollywood Reporter.

They were also said to have been snubbed from one of Hollywood‘s biggest parties, hosted by George and Amal Clooney. The pair attended the royal wedding, but it is unclear why they’re not as close as before.

Although the couple has been in endless controversy this year, they’ve put on a united front to the world. Whether or not this ‘savage’ prediction is correct, only time will tell.

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