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Psychic revealed when Prince Harry will lose his Royal Title

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Prince Harry could potentially lose his royal titles in the future, according to predictions by two self-described psychics, Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker.

However, they don’t foresee King Charles III as the one stripping his son of his privileges.

According to a report by Daily Star, In a recent YouTube livestream, the husband and wife duo claimed that while King Charles still harbors love for Prince Harry, there is an “inner circle” that may suggest removing his titles instead.

“I can’t see King Charles doing that, I think it’s an inner circle who would suggest that,” said Jane.

Craig believes the move could happen after the 2024 elections in the UK, with the British government potentially getting involved, rather than the King.

“I don’t think it’ll be King Charles that will strip him of his title, I think it will be the British Government,” claimed Craig. “We have elections coming up in 2024, I can’t see it doing any good for anybody’s votes to strip anybody of a title at this stage. If he is stripped of a title, I don’t think it would be until after the election.”

The psychics also made predictions about what would happen if Prince Harry were to split from his wife Meghan Markle in the future.

Craig suggested that without her royal husband, Meghan would “fall into obscurity,” failing to achieve her dreams of becoming a major figure in politics or media.

“She’s got this whole thing in her mind that she’s going to be a politician, the next Oprah perhaps – but if it wasn’t for Harry she’d be absolutely zero,” Craig stated bluntly.

On the other hand, the couple believes Prince Harry would return to the UK and attempt to mend fences with his father King Charles and brother Prince William if divorced from Meghan.

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When asked where Prince Harry’s children would reside in the event of a split, the psychics indicated the children would likely stay in the UK close to the royal family, as the firstborn Archie was registered in England.

“Once again there’s royal blood that runs through those children’s veins so I feel that they would be encouraged to be here,” said Jane.

These predictions come amidst continued tensions between Prince Harry and the royal family. Only time will tell whether the self-proclaimed psychics’ foresights come to fruition.

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