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Parents in shock as gorillas mate in front of kids at zoo

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When taking a trip to the zoo, people can often expect to see the animals put on a show.

After all, you’re seeing creatures from all over the world put on display.

There’s inevitably going to be some…interesting shenanigans.

Often times, it’s just animals acting like they usually would with a human audience.

But some situations arise purely because of the environment.

For example, an orangutan lighting up a cigarette is very unlikely to occur in the jungles of Bali.

In a similar vein, you and your family would not likely get to see two gorillas going at it out in the wild.

Unless you have some very niche ideas about how to spend your holidays.

But some visitors got a close view of two of the apes getting down and dirty in one zoo.

Parents weren’t even given the courtesy of seeing some foreplay – the couple just went straight into it in front of kids stood at the enclosure.

Thankfully it wasn’t exactly a vigorous display of mating that might cause everyone at the zoo visiting the gorillas to look over and cause kids to ask mum and dad what’s going on.

Zoo visitors could do little more than stare at the slowly shuddering ar*e of a male gorilla.

At one point one of the younger gorillas approached the mating pair, sitting right behind the male and even putting a hand on his backside, while thankfully blocking most of what was going on.

People visiting the gorillas at the zoo quickly realised what was going on, with one person heard saying they’d ‘seen too much’ before continuing to see a whole lot more and joking they were watching a ‘porno film’.

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If you put animals together there’s always a risk that they’ll start banging, and if you put them together in a place people can come and see them like a zoo, then there’s a risk they’ll start banging in full view of people.

As for the sex, we might guess it wasn’t all that good considering it lasted only a couple of minutes and both gorillas wandered off without further interaction afterwards.

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