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The Sh0cking Truth About Camilla’s Relationship with Piers Morgan

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Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” and Omid Scobie’s new book “Endgame” have brought the Duke of Sussex’s difficult relationship with his stepmother, Queen Camilla, back into focus.

While Scobie was less overtly critical of Camilla than Harry has been in the past, he does note that she has “no relationship” with the Sussexes and that Harry harbors a negative “personal view” of her. Scobie writes that he “tactically stayed away” from delving too deeply into Harry’s perspective in his latest book.

According to GB News, this tension dates back to Harry and William’s childhood, when they struggled to accept Camilla’s presence in their father’s life after Princess Diana’s death. Harry pleaded with Charles not to marry Camilla, and was deeply hurt when she later converted his bedroom at Clarence House into her dressing room.

In his memoir Spare, Harry refers to Camilla as a “villain” and the “third person” in Charles and Diana’s marriage. He accuses her of leaking stories to the press to rehabilitate her public image.

While William’s relationship with Camilla has apparently improved over the years, Harry remains estranged from his stepmother. She is said to have “no respect” for the way he and Meghan handled their royal exit.

Scobie notes that the Queen Consort personally thanked Piers Morgan for his criticism of Meghan, suggesting she harbors resentment toward the Sussexes for damaging the monarchy. Her gratitude was conveyed through a palace aide, as Camilla avoids publicly addressing royal controversies herself.

The recent revelations have cast doubt on prospects for reconciliation between Harry and his father’s wife. Their relationship seems permanently damaged by lingering anger and mistrust.

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As Queen, Camilla has tried to carve out a diplomatic role focused on domestic violence and literacy causes rather than wading into family conflicts. But the disclosure of private tensions in Harry’s memoir and Scobie’s book have dragged her back into the fray.

For William’s part, he was reportedly furious over Harry’s public attacks on Camilla, whom he has come to sincerely admire and care for. This has only widened the rift between the once-close brothers.

While Scobie avoided using Harry’s harshest condemnations of Camilla from Spare in Endgame, his reporting shows the profound damage that still exists. He notes that the Sussexes are unlikely to ever spend Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham while she is Queen.

As the wife of the reigning monarch, Camilla will have to continue carrying out public duties and representing the Crown despite the awkward family dynamics with her stepson. Constitutionally, there is no escaping her prominent role as Harry’s father occupies the throne.

The revelations from Harry’s memoir and Scobie’s book have been deeply embarrassing for King Charles. He is said to be “horrified” over the airing of private tensions and reopening of old wounds between his wife and younger son.

Attempts by Charles to broker peace between Harry, Meghan and the rest of the family have repeatedly failed. He had hoped his accession would help heal divisions, but recent events show the relationships remain profoundly strained.

While Camilla has avoided being as outspoken a target of Harry’s ire as Charles or William, his lingering resentment toward her over Diana’s treatment poses yet another obstacle to any possible reconciliation.

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