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Prince Harry Divorcing Meghan Markle – Expert Predict, You Won’t Believe Why

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For years members of the royal family have had to deal with reports against them from people who claimed to be in the know. But after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their roles as working royals in 2020, they became a source revealing the inner workings of the family and fired a barrage of allegations against the prince’s relatives.

As two people who worked in the Firm and were really in the know, there was an appetite for what the Sussexes had to say about Britain’s most famous family. That appetite waned though for many royal watchers who thought the duke and duchess went too far and seemed intent on trying to destroy the monarchy while playing the victims over and over.

However, the allegations haven’t stopped and now the family is dealing with more of them, not directly from Meghan and Harry though. This time it’s from Endgame author Omid Scobie, who has been labeled by some as the couple’s “mouthpiece.” But even with fresh accusations, several commentators think any interest in what went on between the Sussexes and the family is pretty much gone now, especially in the Montecito neighborhood where the pair resides.

During an appearance on GB News royal commentator and To Di for Daily podcaster Kinsey Schofield, who is based in Los Angeles, discussed the fallout from Endgame on her side of the pond.

“What is the fallout to the release of this new book about the Sussexes Endgame by Omid Scobie? How’s it going down in America?” host Mark Dolan asked.

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Well, you know, Americans do eat up the soap opera element of all things royal,” Schofield replied. “That’s why Princess Diana was a queen here in the States, because of that soap opera element, the gossipy element that she attracted. So the headlines are here. However, in Montecito, it seems like Harry and Meghan’s star has fallen quite a bit. Montecito bookstores are refusing — I shouldn’t say refusing, there’s just no interest in Endgame!”

Schofield also noted that it’s been reported the Sussexes’ Montecito neighbors are “uninterested and appalled by the way that Harry and Megan are not respecting their elders and it seems like they’re being very cruel towards their family members. So a lot of the neighborhood saying that they are uninterested in the Sussexes and don’t respect them or appreciate the way that they’ve treated their family.”

Former comms adviser Giles Kenningham agreed that people have grown tired of hearing what happened with the Sussexes and the continuous trashing of the royal family. And because the silence from the Palace speaks volumes, it looks like the couple is just “fighting a war against themselves” now.

“I mean, it almost feels like for Harry and Meghan, they’re fighting a war against themselves because the royal family aren’t really reacting to a lot of this,” Kenningham said.

He continued: “I think essentially it’s the law of diminishing returns for Harry and Meghan, they can have a go once on this. If they keep having a go I think people are going to stop listening … They’ve been dumped by Spotify over that deal. So you sort of see this kind of move to try and become relevant and the way they’ve become relevant, it’s becoming shriller and shriller and shriller. I don’t think it works.”

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