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Royal Bombshell: King Charles’ 29-Hour Nightmare Shakes the Royal Foundations – From Crown to Chaos in Record Time

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King Charles appeared to lose complete control of the royal family in only 29 hours, claims a commentator. The monarch faced a substantial black mark on his seven-month reign after the publication of a new royal tell-all, Endgame. The book discussed the royal family’s current state of affairs and ongoing rifts between family members.

There has been no official confirmation that either Charles or Kate commented on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s firstborn son. Subsequently, Buckingham Palace has not received official word regarding either a confirmation or denial of these accusations.

Daniela Elser of reports that the period between the Endgame’s release and Piers Morgan’s naming of Charles and Kate was 72 hours. “This week, all it took was a matter of hours for all hell to break loose and for Buckingham Palace to be caught thoroughly on the hop.

She continued, “In fact, from the time that the first post on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) went up on the day the book went on sale in Europe, to Piers Morgan being the first to name names publicly was only a matter of about 29 hours. Twenty-nine hours for the firm to go from sailing above the fray to looking so far out of their depth that they need floaties.”

‘Endgame’ furthers the Sussex’s claims by painting an unflattering picture of the royal family

Daniela Elser believes that Endgame paints a most unflattering picture of the royal family. The book elevates Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to truth-tellers regarding the backdoor machinations of the House of Windsor.

She writes, “Despite Scobie’s protestations that it’s ‘not ‘Harry and Meghan’s book’ and that Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex ‘have nothing to do with it,’ it is oh-so-conveniently a book that does a hell of a lot to further the Sussex cause.

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Elser continues, “A Dutch royal reporter named Rick Evers noticed that the version sold in that country pulled no such punches, outing the two Windsors alleged to have had the ‘concerns.’ Spark met Tinder, and WHOOSH. Endgame went from being another hostile book, a pesky, ankle-yapper of a title, to have started a full-on firestorm.”

King Charles has reacted quite predictably

As the firestorm of Endgame raged on, King Charles reacted right on brand. He didn’t comment.

Charles stuck to the royal script, ignoring negativity in the press. He adhered to the royal family adage of “never complain, never explain.”

Elser believes ignoring the inflammatory commentary surrounding him and his daughter-in-law is entirely wrong. “This, to my mind, is not brave or stoic or dignified but plain old idiotic.”

“The king’s number one, top of the list, must-do job is to keep the institution alive and kicking. And to do that, he has to persuade the next generation, and the one after that, that the crown represents values and ideals worth backing,” Elser concluded.

Charles’ silence this week reflects the degree to which he is at sea, the Palace seemingly fresh out of ideas about how even to begin to manage this unfolding disaster. The king is currently demonstrating a lack of leadership and strength as history and the world watches on.”

King Charles was asked how he was days after Endgame‘s release. “I’m all right very much, just about. Having had a rather ancient birthday recently recovering from the shock of that!”

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