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Royal Family Member Bursts Into Tears, You Be Shock To Find Out What Happened

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The stiff upper lip policy is something the royal family adopted decades ago. But when Meghan Markle was a working royal she insisted that the protocol had negative effects. Prince William also talked about the policy in the past and admitted that while there is a time and a place for it, there should be acceptance to be more open and upfront with feelings. Still, most members of the family have stuck with the tradition and rarely show signs of raw emotion in public

However, they are only human like the rest of us and for some of the younger royals, remaining stoic with people always watching can be difficult. Now, a video circulating online shows family members protecting and blocking one royal when they began to cry as cameras rolled.

Video shows which royal cried and was shielded from the cameras

The video that has gone viral shows footage of Prince Edward and Sophie’s son James, who is reportedly very shy, shedding tears with the cameras on him. Once Sophie sees him, she gives him a hug and blocks James from the photogs. She even remains in front of him as Queen Elizabeth walks by them.

The 37-second video was uploaded to TikTok and has over 335,000 views. The clip also has more than 16,000 likes and garnered dozens of comments. The text in the video reads: “The Duchess of Edinburgh who comforts her son James, Earl of Wessex by hiding him from the cameras.” And many commenters praised Sophie for doing just that.

“I adore Sophie. Good mum,” one user wrote.

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Great Mother. Love Sophie,” another said.

“I have so much admiration for her,” a third added.

And a fourth person pointed out that it wasn’t just Sophie but also Edward helping shield James as well writing: “And Edward too, they made a little protective barrier for him.”

Footage of another time royals were seen crying banned from being broadcast again

More recently, TV cameras captured James’ parents grieving following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

On Sept. 19, 2022, the royal family attended the queen’s funeral. One moment seen during the broadcast that won’t be shown in the future is that of Sophie and Edward crying. The Mirror reported that Daily Mail columnist Ephraim Hardcastle said the banned footage includes shots of the couple weeping during the state funeral held at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son and the woman often referred to as the late monarch’s favorite daughter-in-law were seated in the first pew at the church and seen whipping tears away at different points during the service. Sophie used her fingers as well as tissues to dab her eyes a number of times while Edward used his white military gloves.

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