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WAKE UP Brother, SHE IS EVIL! Furious William WARNS Harry About Meghan And Her A-Lister Hollywood Plot.

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In a shocking revelation, Prince William has reportedly warned his younger brother Prince Harry about Meghan Markle’s alleged plans to use her Hollywood connections to further her own agenda.

According to a source close to the royal family, William is concerned that Meghan is using her A-list friends to manipulate the media and public opinion in her favor.

William is furious with Meghan,” the source said. “He believes she is using her Hollywood connections to try to make herself look like the victim and damage the royal family’s reputation.”

The source added that William has warned Harry to be careful about what information he shares with Meghan, as she could use it against him.

“William has told Harry that he needs to be careful about what he says to Meghan, as she could easily twist his words and use them against him,” the source said.

These claims come amid reports that Meghan is planning to launch her own production company in Hollywood.

It is unclear what type of projects Meghan is hoping to produce, but it is believed that she could use her platform to promote her own views and agenda.

If Meghan does launch her own production company, it is likely to further strain her relationship with the royal family.

The royal family has long been wary of Meghan’s Hollywood connections, and they are concerned that she could use her influence to damage their reputation.

It is also worth noting that Meghan’s alleged plans to use her Hollywood connections come at a time when she is facing intense scrutiny from the media.

Meghan has been accused of bullying royal staff, and she has also been criticized for her extravagant spending habits.

If Meghan does use her Hollywood connections to try to silence her critics, it is likely to backfire and further damage her reputation.

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