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The secret reason why Harry and Meghan are having explosive rows over their Christmas plans

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing a dilemma over where to spend Christmas this year amid tensions between the Sussexes and the Royal Family. Sources claim the couple are having “increasingly more frequent rows” as the holiday nears, unable to agree on their festive plans.

According to a report by Express, the Duke of Sussex is said to be persuading his wife to return to the UK for Christmas. This would allow them to visit King Charles and finally introduce him to their daughter Lilibet. They could also see Harry’s cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie while avoiding “less welcoming” royals like William and Kate. Royal watchers believe a royal Christmas would be a PR coup for the Sussexes by visibly linking them to the monarchy.

However, Meghan is reportedly unwilling to back down and return to the UK after past grievances. An insider said: “Harry respects Meghan’s hard line about putting the royal family in the rear-view mirror. He’s assured her that’s not caving in or backing down.”

The Sussexes have received invites to spend Christmas in California with Meghan’s celebrity friends. But Harry appears eager for a royal reunion, causing “rows” with his unyielding wife as December 25th nears.

The Christmas impasse highlights ongoing tensions within the House of Windsor. Harry and Meghan raised allegations of racism and mistreatment against the royals in their 2021 Oprah interview. They now live in California after stepping back from royal duties in 2020, but remain critical of the monarchy.

Some believe the Sussexes exploit their royal status for commercial gain while denigrating the Firm. Harry seemingly hopes to reconcile, but Meghan refuses to return on unsatisfactory terms.

Royal experts believe this Christmas decision will be pivotal. Spending the holiday apart would signal their deep estrangement from the royals. But a surprise royal Christmas could mend fences between the feuding family members.

For now, it’s unclear where Harry and Meghan will ultimately spend December 25th. The choice has caused marital tensions as Meghan sticks to her principles. Harry appears torn between his wife and family as the holiday fast approaches.

The Christmas drama follows recent claims that the Sussexes were snubbed from a friend’s upcoming royal wedding. Archie’s godfather Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, reportedly declined to invite the couple to his June wedding.

The King and Prince William are still expected to attend the high society nuptials. But the lifelong friend of Harry and William is said to have excluded the Sussexes to avoid an awkward family clash.

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This marks another sign of Harry’s isolation from his inner circle as rifts harden with Meghan by his side. It seems despite hopes of reconciliation, the Sussexes remain ostracized from royal circles.

Some insiders believe Harry is increasingly homesick and restless in his new Californian life. By contrast, Meghan seems happy and thriving with her celebrity networks.

There is speculation that Harry has been searching for a UK base, hoping to restore British connections. But their security fears likely prohibit a permanent return.

Rather, hints of a UK comeback may reflect Harry’s relative unhappiness compared to his wife. While she flourishes across the Atlantic, he is said to often appear forlorn.

Divorce remains off the table, as the couple insists they still love each other. But there are predictions their marriage may only last “years not decades” amid tensions.

For now, the Sussexes remain in California, weighing whether to return to the UK for a pivotal royal Christmas. Meghan seemingly refuses to budge as Harry hopes to broker peace with his estranged family.

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