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Harry and Meghan Break Their Silence on the Racist Remarks About Archie’s Skin Color

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A controversy that originally erupted in March 2021 has recently reignited for the British royal family. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle alleged that an unnamed member of the royal family expressed concern over the potential skin color of their then-unborn son Archie. These claims sparked outrage and demands for accountability at the time. However, the royal family did not publicly respond to the allegations, citing a “never complain, never explain” policy when it comes to press reports.

According to GB News, The controversy has now resurfaced due to the release of a new book titled “Endgame” by Omid Scobie. The book apparently names King Charles and Camilla, then the Prince and Duchess of Wales, as the ones who had the conversation about Archie’s skin color. While these names were redacted in the English version of the book, they were accidentally published in the Dutch translation. Once the names entered the public domain, media organizations in the UK and abroad began reporting on them.

In response to the renewed attention on these damaging allegations, public figures have rallied to defend King Charles and Camilla. Sir Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, dismissed the claims as “nonsense” and described the alleged comments as innocuous “marks of excitement” rather than racism. Similarly, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that while the comments were “inappropriate”, they were “not remotely racist.”

Behind the scenes, Buckingham Palace is said to be exploring legal options regarding the publication error that revealed the identities of the accused royals. However, Prince Harry and Meghan have not made any public statement on the matter. A source close to the royal family criticized this “deafening silence” from the Sussexes, arguing that they should speak out to defend relatives who now find themselves under scrutiny.

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As King Charles returns from an official trip abroad, he will need to have discussions with advisors about potential next steps. While no final decisions have been made, the palace has not ruled out some form of public response. Prince William has continued with royal duties alongside wife Kate Middleton in a show of unity and resilience. Still, this latest flare-up indicates the monarchy is far from moving past the rift sparked by Harry and Meghan’s allegations.

The royal family faces criticism that these newest claims reveal an ongoing inability to decisively deal with issues of racism. Harry and Meghan’s supporters argue the couple were right to raise concerns about Archie’s treatment and have been vindicated by the new revelations. However, others counter that unnamed accusations should not be given credence without solid proof. They describe the failure to substantiate the original allegations as unfair to the royals involved.

As the controversy continues, all eyes remain on the royal family to see if and how they will handle these incendiary accusations. Their response may have repercussions for public perception of the monarchy in an increasingly diverse Britain. The royals must weigh complex issues of privacy, reputation, and transparency as they chart a path forward. For now, the silence from both sides only allows speculation and mistrust to grow.

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