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Camilla’s Bombshell Revelation: She Sent Piers Morgan a Thank You Note for Attacking Meghan

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A new royal book by Omid Scobie claims that Queen Camilla privately thanked broadcaster Piers Morgan for his verbal attacks on Meghan Markle. The revelations come from Scobie’s upcoming book “Endgame”, which promises to be an explosive exposé on the current state of the British monarchy as reported by GB News.

According to excerpts from the book, Queen Camilla allegedly sent a message of “gratitude” to Morgan after he repeatedly criticized Meghan on air and in print. The most controversial incident came in March 2021, when Morgan said he “wouldn’t believe” Meghan’s claims that she experienced suicidal thoughts and racism while living as a working royal. Morgan left his role as host of Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologize for his stance.

In the aftermath, Morgan referred to Meghan as “Princess Pinocchio” in a column for the Daily Mail. Scobie claims that Queen Camilla appreciated this nickname and Morgan’s general skepticism about Meghan’s allegations against the royal family. A palace aide reportedly told Scobie that while the Queen would never publicly address the matter, she was thankful somebody was “standing up to Meghan’s claims.”

The book alleges that Queen Camilla sent Morgan a private note expressing her gratitude for his forceful rejection of Meghan’s narrative. This revelation will likely spark debate, given the seriousness of Meghan’s mental health struggles. However, it provides insight into Queen Camilla’s feelings about the public attacks on the monarchy since Meghan and Harry’s departure.

Queen Camilla’s quiet approval of Morgan’s controversial stance aligns with her commitment to defending the royal family’s reputation. As a longtime member who has weathered scandals and media storms, she understands the damage that unchallenged allegations can inflict on the monarchy. Thanking Morgan demonstrated her solidarity with the firm and her reluctance to let damaging claims go unanswered.

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However, the Queen’s alleged private message to Morgan contrasts with her public persona as an apolitical figurehead. Royals traditionally avoid being drawn into media controversies, so her reported intervention is noteworthy. Some may argue that Queen Camilla overstepped her constitutional role by apparently endorsing Morgan’s punditry.

Nonetheless, the book suggests Queen Camilla saw Morgan as a useful ally in countering the Sussexes’ media attacks. His refusal to accept Meghan’s narrative likely earned him the Queen’s respect. She appears to have recognized that his combative approach could help shield the royals from further reputational damage.

The bitter feud between the Sussexes and the royal family still rages, but Queen Camilla seems determined not to let allegations go unchallenged. Her reported gratitude towards Morgan demonstrated that she is willing to quietly support defenders of the monarchy, even controversial ones. As Queen Consort, she accepts that protecting the Crown’s interests sometimes necessitates uncomfortable decisions.

The palace has not officially responded to Scobie’s claims about Morgan and Queen Camilla. However, the book promises other revelations that could be embarrassing for King Charles and Prince William. After weathering scandals under Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the new King and Queen Consort face fresh controversies as they seek to rehabilitate the monarchy’s image. How they handle impending crises could define public perceptions of their leadership.

For now, Queen Camilla appears resolved to show backbone against detractors like the Sussexes. Her alleged overture to Morgan hinted at a steely interior beneath her genteel exterior. She recognizes that preserving the monarchy requires proactively neutralizing threats rather than ignoring them. This proactive approach seems likely to continue as the new Queen Consort settles into her influential role at King Charles’ side.

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