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What This Dog Had to Endure Without Its Owner Realizing Will Leave You in Tears

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The Howard family of Seymour, Indiana, consists of 24-year-old Hayden, his son Noah, and Jackson, an English Mastiff. Jackson isn’t just a pet; he’s part of the Howard family. Like most dogs, he loves to play in the yard and spend time with his human family.

However, one day in April , something unbelievable occurred. Jackson had been roaming through the garden all weekend, but Hayden noticed several odd marks on his body. Though Jackson didn’t seem uncomfortable, Hayden couldn’t stop wondering about those marks.

Initially dismissing them as bug bites, Hayden decided to wait and see if they’d go away on their own. Unfortunately, they worsened, raising Hayden’s concern. She inspected them closely and was chilled to the bone. These raised bumps weren’t bug bites at all, leaving her puzzled.

Seeking answers, Hayden took Jackson to Seymour Animal Hospital. Dr. Steve Sunbury examined the marks and became deeply worried. The marks turned out to be puncture wounds caused by BB projectiles and pellets, shocking Hayden to the core.

The discovery meant someone had aimed a BB gun at Jackson and fired. BB guns can shoot at over 60 miles per hour, causing severe injuries. Jackson had several pellets and BBs in his body. Dr. Sunbury managed to remove 21 BBs and seven pellets but feared more might be stuck inside, necessitating surgery.

Hayden reported the incident to the Seymour Police Department, showing the wounds and pellets. The officers launched an investigation. Finding BB projectiles in Hayden’s yard led them to a conclusion that angered her: the shots came from her next-door neighbor’s home.

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The neighbor, Tim Woodward, was arrested on drug possession charges. Despite the evidence, authorities needed more to charge him with animal cruelty. Hayden offered a reward for evidence to support such charges, hoping others affected by Woodward’s actions would come forward.

Jackson underwent surgery and medication, showing signs of recovery. Despite this traumatic incident, his kindness remains unchanged, bringing solace to Hayden. She hopes Woodward will face consequences for his actions, ensuring he can’t harm anyone, human or otherwise.

The journey to Jackson’s recovery has been long, but with surgery and medication, he seems on track to a full recovery. His fur is growing back, and his gentle nature persists. Hayden wishes for justice and hopes others affected by Woodward’s actions will step forward.

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