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King Charles Allegedly Betrayed Late Queen’s Wishes After Failing To Do This

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In a shocking revelation from Omid Scobie’s highly anticipated book, “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” it is claimed that Prince Harry was allegedly kept in the dark about the death of his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, violating what the late monarch supposedly desired.

The explosive excerpt from Scobie’s book suggests that the late Queen had a wish for Prince Harry to be informed about her passing before the news was announced to the world. According to the book, the Duke of Sussex, who reportedly considered his relationship with the Queen as paramount, was devastated to discover her death through the media after landing in Aberdeen and checking the BBC News website.

Contrary to initial reports that King Charles personally informed his son about the Queen’s demise, Prince Harry, in his memoir “Spare,” contests this narrative. The book, currently being serialized in PEOPLE magazine, quotes a friend of the duke, stating, “‘Harry was crushed… His relationship with the Queen was everything to him. She would have wanted him to know before it went out to the world. They could have waited just a little longer; it would have been nothing in the grand scheme of things, but no one respected that at all.”

According to reports by Mirror, the revelations do not end there, as Scobie’s book also claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were allegedly kept in the dark about the decline in the Queen’s health in the hours leading up to her passing. According to Scobie, the Sussexes had “no idea” that Buckingham Palace was preparing for the Queen’s final moments and the subsequent transition to a new era for the monarchy.

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“The Sussexes had no idea that Buckingham Palace was already planning for the Queen’s final hours and the first days of the monarchy’s new era — until the duke’s phone started ringing. An unknown number. He usually ignored those,” writes Scobie.

This revelation has ignited speculation and raised questions about the dynamics within the Royal Family, with critics suggesting that the alleged failure to inform Prince Harry could be perceived as a breach of family protocol and a lack of respect for the late Queen’s wishes.

As the public awaits the release of the full book, “Endgame,” these shocking claims add fuel to the ongoing debate about the relationships and communication dynamics within the Royal Family, shedding light on the personal struggles and perceived betrayals that members of the monarchy may face behind closed doors.

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