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Braverman Was Right: Outrage as Police Stay Silent During Anti-Israel Protest’s Antisemitic Chanting

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In a turn of events, allies of Home Secretary Suella Braverman have come to her defense, asserting that recent actions by the Metropolitan Police substantiate her criticism of double standards in protest management. The focal point of the controversy was the anti-Israel pro-Palestinian march in London, marked by protesters chanting the controversial slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestinians shall be free.

According to a report from Express, this slogan, often associated with the call for the destruction of Israel, has been employed by supporters of the Hamas terrorist group and other pro-Palestinian activists. While the police received praise for their robust handling of far-right protesters in Whitehall, they faced criticism for appearing passive during the anti-Israel march.

Braverman, known for labeling these protests as “hate marches,” had recently questioned the selective use of police powers, particularly in dealing with left-wing causes like Palestine or Black Lives Matter. Her stance has garnered support from figures within the Conservative party, including Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson and Dudley North Conservative MP Marco Longhi.

The controversy escalated as Nigel Farage and Reform UK leader Richard Tice echoed Braverman’s viewpoint, emphasizing that the police’s inaction seemed to validate her concerns. Reform UK member and former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib expressed disappointment in what he perceived as a lack of support from Braverman’s own party.

The backing Braverman has received might complicate any attempts to remove her as Home Secretary, with reports suggesting up to 70 Tory MPs ready to call for a leadership contest if such a move is made.

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Criticism is also directed at Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, who refused to request emergency powers as suggested by Braverman to curb provocative marches on Armistice Day. The failure to address issues like the glorification of Hamas’s terrorist acts and the display of antisemitic chants during protests has intensified public disapproval.

Former Tory councillor Jezz Baker, a Jewish resident of north London, supported Braverman’s stance, emphasizing the fear within the Jewish community and questioning why the police allow antisemitic chants and images during pro-Palestinian protests.

The controversy surrounding Braverman’s criticism and the police response raises questions about the handling of protests, the application of police powers, and the balance between freedom of expression and potential threats to public safety. As the debate continues, the Home Secretary remains at the center of a storm that could have broader implications for the government’s approach to handling sensitive and divisive issues.

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