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Harry Shocked As William Inherits Massive Money From Diana As Spencers Embezle His Share

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Princess Diana, a beloved figure whose legacy continues to be admired by many, left a significant fortune to her son, Prince William. Welcome to Gist Boox, where we bring you the latest news from your favorite royals and celebrities.

Initially, the amount left by Princess Diana was quite impressive. However, due to death duties, the final sum reduced to $8.5 million. By the time the princes were old enough to claim their inheritance, the money had grown to an impressive $20 million. This substantial amount was divided equally between Harry and William.

Prince William received more than his share of the estate. In addition to his inheritance, he inherited his father’s Duchy of Cornwall, a significant source of income. On the other hand, Harry, who has been somewhat snubbed by the royal family due to his rebellious attitude and departure from their ranks, did not receive a comparable share.

Since stepping down from the royal family, it became evident that Harry relied mostly on his savings and some support, while William continued to enjoy the lion’s share of Diana’s fortune. Despite Harry’s efforts, he found himself excluded from certain financial benefits associated with his royal status.

Princess Diana’s bequest to her sons included more than $12 million, sourced from her divorce settlement with Prince Charles, comprising shares, jewelry, cash, and personal items. Royal advisers strategically invested this money, resulting in the fortune growing to over $20 million over the years.

Both princes had to wait until they turned 30 to access the full amount, and substantial inheritance taxes were levied. William, now the heir to the throne, also inherited his father’s Duchy of Cornwall, contributing significantly to his financial standing.

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Interestingly, personal items such as Diana’s wedding dress were given to her sons. Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, held onto the dress until Harry turned 30. Prince William kept watches as keepsakes, while Harry chose his engagement ring, later returning it to his brother after proposing to Princess Kate.

In a revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry disclosed how he and Meghan Markle survived financially after being cut off from the royal family. While the Duke and Duchess were no longer entitled to certain financial benefits, Harry emphasized that streaming deals were never part of the plan. Instead, he credited the money left to him by his mother, Princess Diana, for providing financial stability, even though it paled in comparison to what Prince William received.

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  1. Jennifer Berkane

    November 11, 2023 at 8:12 pm

    Yes, both of them should inherit Diana but it is NOT fair that Duke Harry should have less than William from Princess Diana’s heritage. Both of them should have equal. No matter if you are a royal or not.

  2. Margaret Wallace

    November 12, 2023 at 12:30 pm

    This piece is totally misleading. Harry got his share of his mother’s estate. What he never got was share of his father’s. This went RIGHTLY to the Prince of Wales.It comes with the responsibility of the job he inherited. The Spencer family did a brilliant job investing it making it more than double in value.They should not be defamed in this way.

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