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I married a 90-year-old when I was 19 for her money & house – I grew to love her but her grandkids still hate me

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A MAN who married a 90-year-old woman when he was just 19 has revealed why he chose to be in such a controversial relationship.

Ceros Whaley, now 27, found himself homeless and at the age of 18 after he was kicked out of his family home and began sleeping behind a local bakery

During that time, he was also suffering from a “debilitating disease” which meant he would frequently go to hospital for treatment as well.

That’s when he met an unusual friend, a 90-year-old woman who was looking for some companionship in her later years.

Ceros explained that the woman wanted to spend her “last few years with someone young and handsome,” and since he was living on the street at the time he decided to go for it.

They quickly tied the knot to make things official.

She housed me, It was nice, we ended up doing a lot of events, we did hiking, he did camping we did a whole bunch of fun stuff. It was amazing,” he said.

The couple even consummated their marriage, and Ceros “grew to love” his wife.

When she did eventually pass away, he was left her house, which lead to a nasty legal battle with her grandchildren.

“Everybody always asks about they grandchildren,” he said.

They hated me. There was no question about how much they despise me, they didn’t enjoy me at all.”

He ended up getting to keep the house, but sold it soon after because it was too big for just him, and it needed a lot of upkeep.

Ceros also decided to giveaway all of his wife’s pets to neighbours, so with nothing tying him down, he took the money from the house and moved to Vegas.

He then gave away the money he had from the house to other people in need rather than keep it for himself

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I gave the money to people at diners, I gave it to people that were struggling, homeless people, just people that were in my situation, people that would never see this amount of money ever,” he said.

However, he did splurge on one thing for himself, – a posh car which then was destroyed and written off.

Now, almost a decade on from his marriage, Ceros said he has no money left but doesn’t mind because most of it went to people who needed it.

And to anyone who might think the relationship was weird, Ceros said: “She helped me out a lot. You’ve probably never been homeless before, it’s horrifying. It sucks.

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