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Prince Harry’s Shocking Revelation: Darkest Secret Exposed in Memoirs by Duke of Beaufort and Gary

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A forthcoming memoir written by a royal insider is making a lot of noise because it might contain details that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle find troubling.

Prince Harry’s close buddy Henry Somerset, the 12th Duke of Beaufort, a well-known member of the royal family, is reportedly preparing to release a biography that will reportedly reveal some of Harry’s more naughty moments, according to insiders who provided information to Okay magazine. The publication of this fascinating book is slated for later this month.

Within the pages of Somerset’s memoir, readers will be transported back to the year 2000 when a 16-year-old Prince Harry visited Somerset’s family estate in Gloucestershire.

A pool party had been arranged in celebration of Somerset’s niece’s 16th birthday. Somerset recalls feeling a tad anxious, pondering how he should handle the situation if he needed to address the young prince, who was then third in line to the throne.

Initially, Harry seemed to effortlessly blend in with the gathering. However, he surprised everyone by lifting a girl onto his shoulder and playfully tossing her into the swimming pool.

This impulsive act elicited laughter from the other guests, and encouraged by the positive response, Harry continued to repeat the performance with several other girls in succession. It wasn’t long before King Charles’s butler, Steve, swiftly intervened, instructing Harry to cease his antics.

But this memoir isn’t the only source of revelations that may give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cause for concern. Princess Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, is also gearing up to share his side of the story in an upcoming memoir. Goldsmith, the younger brother of Carole Middleton, Princess Kate’s mother, aims to provide a voice for the Middleton family, particularly in response to the ongoing criticisms aimed at the royal family by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Initially, when Prince Harry was compiling his own book, it was believed that Prince William wouldn’t offer acounter-narrative, as it wouldn’t be seen as fitting for a future king to do so.

However, insiders have now disclosed that Prince Harry and Meghan weren’t anticipating a response from Kate’s family. They are likely to feel uncomfortable with the impending release of Goldsmith’s book.

Goldsmith, who had previously hinted at plans for a memoir in 2013 after amassing considerable wealth through his IT business, is now open to sharing private family details within the book.

Nevertheless, he is unlikely to wish to cause any embarrassment to his family. Sources have noted that Goldsmith’s recent comments, particularly his criticisms of Prince Harry and Meghan, have resonated positively with some individuals.

Initially intending to focus on his own journey to becoming a millionaire, Goldsmith is considering incorporating more personal family details into the memoir. In light of these developments surrounding Goldsmith’s project, it has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan may not have anticipated a retaliatory effort. Sources suggest that the Sussexes are now feeling apprehensive about the imminent release of this book.

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