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Meghan Markle’s Publisher Halts Memoir Publication Over Personal Attacks on Kate Crossing Boundaries

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have never shied away from making headlines. Recently, it was reported that Meghan has been advised not to include Catherine in her upcoming memoir. This news has caused quite a stir, given the couple’s penchant for controversy and their history of portraying themselves as the victims of the royal family.

It is surprising that Meghan would consider writing about Catherine in her memoir. What does she hope to accomplish by dragging the Duchess into the story? Meghan, known for her strong PR skills and her association with WME, should be aware of the potential consequences of such a move. However, she seems to be contemplating targeting Catherine anyway.

It is also worth considering the logistics of the book. Meghan’s memoir is still in the early stages of development, and Harry’s own memoir took two years to complete. Given the limited time frame, it is doubtful that Meghan is writing the book herself, and it is likely that she will be working with a ghostwriter. Rushing such a project can lead to unintended consequences, and the end result may not be what Meghan intended.

It has been suggested by Tom Bower, a royal biographer, that Meghan Markle may eventually write her own autobiography. While this could potentially be a highly lucrative move, it’s important to consider the possible consequences. If Meghan were to release a memoir, it would undoubtedly sell but it’s crucial for her to think about her own brand. During an interview, Angela Levin raised concerns about the potential risks, which I agree with. Public perception is critical, and Meghan needs to tread carefully.

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When comparing public opinion of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, there is a significant difference. A survey showed that 73% of respondents have a positive opinion of Catherine, while only 21% hold a favorable opinion of Meghan. This clearly indicates that Meghan is not as popular as Catherine.

It’s essential to acknowledge the power of public perception. Going after someone like Catherine, who is more well-liked than Meghan, could be detrimental. In the current age of misinformation, Meghan must tread carefully, as going after Catherine could backfire, particularly given her past drama and controversies.

In conclusion, it’s difficult to understand why Meghan would even consider mentioning Catherine in her memoir. Such a move seems illogical and could have serious repercussions.

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