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Woman left horrified after ‘temporary’ Halloween face tattoo wouldn’t wash off

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Spooky season might be officially over, but one woman was haunted by the consequences of a risky Halloween decision in the days that followed.

Elizabeth – who goes by @alliwanttodoismile on TikTok – was left desperately scrubbing her face when she realised the ‘temporary’ tattoo she used on Halloween wouldn’t wash off.

She initially decided to use the temporary face tattoo to get into the Halloween spirit, even using the tattoo on her seven-year-old granddaughter.

But the social media star suffered a shock when her own daughter rang her later that day, asking how it washes off.

Elizabeth began in the hilarious video: “Put a tattoo sticker on, join in a bit of Halloween, put some on my granddaughter as well, she’s seven. My daughter rings up, going, ‘how does it come off?'”

Explaining she didn’t initially think it would be that difficult, Elizabeth set about trying to remove the tattoo, but found herself scrubbing at her face with no luck.

“It can’t be that difficult, surely?” she continued. “F**k sake, I’ve got meetings tomorrow.”

People were quick to rush to the comments to help Elizabeth, with many offering their own at-home remedies to remove the stubborn sticker.

Many suggested using baby or olive oil to remove it, while others urged her to try make-up remover.

Another advised: “Rubbing alcohol on cotton wool comes off like a dream,” while a third added: “Use Micellar Water. I have had the same problem tonight with my son.”

And a fourth wrote: “Sudocrem on a make up pad believe it or not! My boys came off so easily.”

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One person who had purchased the same sticker explained: “I purchased the same one, I tested it and tried taking it off within 30 mins, and had to scrub, but on Halloween I had it on all day, it came of easy.”

In a follow-up video, Elizabeth explained how she finally removed the sticker.

“I did manage to get it all off, I used the Garnier water cleanser,” she said, before revealing that the whole incident left her looking like she’d been ‘slapped in the face 10 times’.

Responding to one comment about her work meetings the following day, she explained: “They just thought I had a lot of blusher on.”

After receiving so many suggestions, Elizabeth wanted to put some of the ideas to the test, and filmed a second follow up where she had plastered on another tattoo sticker.

In the clip, she tested which suggestion worked best in removing the tattoo.

Elizabeth was shocked to find that brown tape actually worked perfectly in removing the sticker. After gently pressing the tape across her cheek, the tattoo simply lifted away.

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