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Meghan Markle Furious as Anne Takes Stand, Stripping Sussexes of Queen Grandson Status

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The royal provocateur Prince Harry had already upset the established traditions of the monarchy earlier this year with a number of derogatory comments. His remarks had echoed through Buckingham Palace’s hallowed hallways, leaving a defiant trail in their wake. Nevertheless, despite Harry’s entreaties and objections, there was an unknown prince who stayed firm and unflinching in the face of Harry’s antics.

Princess Anne, known for her expertise in matters of the royal family, made it abundantly clear that there was no room for reconciliation. The question arises: What led Princess Anne to this point of no return? The revelations found in Harry’s memoirs acted as a catalyst in this powder keg of discontent.

Harry’s differing views regarding his future, his yearning for the life he had left behind in London, and his deep-seated longing for the intrigue of royal life were all factors that left him deeply disappointed and fueled his desire to return to his former life. This, in turn, left Meghan equally exasperated.

Royal entertainment expert Mark Borman pointed out Harry’s disappointment, which only intensified his desire to return to his previous life, much to Meghan’s chagrin. Royal commentator KY Scoffield raised a crucial question: Could Harry’s desire to settle in England be connected to his title and the preservation of his status and privileges? Visa issues and his unclear relationship with the United States added further complexity to his situation.

Meanwhile, rumors have been swirling about the royal couple’s house-hunting adventures, taking them from the seclusion of Montecito to the glamour of Malibu. Whispers suggest that Montecito may no longer align with their royal ambitions. Royal commentator Christine Ross speculated about the reasons behind this move, questioning whether Montecito’s isolation and remoteness cast a shadow over their idyllic family life, prompting them to seek solace elsewhere. What was once deemed unthinkable is now on the horizon, raising numerous questions.

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Amidst these swirling speculations, one thing remains clear: Princess Anne, with her unwavering determination, has severed ties with Harry, and her decree reverberates throughout the palace corridors, indicating that his return is out of the question.

Furthermore, Princess Anne revealed that Kate, as part of the family, may be seeking a form of revenge against Harry and Meghan Markle. The Princess of Wales’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, is planning to release a counter-memoir in response to the Duke’s attacks in his earlier published memoir. This unexpected move is sure to catch Harry and Meghan off guard, as Gary has been in contact with the British press to ensure that word gets around once the book is published.

Although Gary’s initial plans did not revolve around delving into private family matters, circumstances compelled him to change his stance to set the record straight regarding some of the claims made by Harry in his memoir. If the stories in Gary’s book prove to be revelatory, they could have a substantial impact on Harry and Meghan. As for the “Suits” alum, sources insist she isn’t anticipating any retaliatory moves from Kate’s family, as they adhere to the royal motto of “never complain, never explain.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Fisher

    November 3, 2023 at 11:04 pm

    Families fight,fallout,argue all the time but the catalyst for all this turmoil has to be Harry’s self destruct mindset&his infatuation with an older, scheming, social climer who has had her dreams fulfilled.Harry is getting what he deserves.

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