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Harry regrets leaving UK and wants to come back, but Meghan Won’t let him – Says Royal Source

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Prince Harry may be contemplating a return to the UK as he feels ‘lonely and isolated’ in California, a royal source has claimed.

According to a report by GB News, The source, who is close to the Duke of Sussex, told GB News that Harry is unhappy with his life in the US and misses his family and friends in Britain.

“Harry is feeling the strain of being away from his home country for so long. He has no real friends in LA, only people he works with or who are connected to Meghan. He is completely dependent on her for his social life and he feels cut off from his old life,” the source said.

The source added that Harry is also frustrated with the media scrutiny and the backlash he has faced for his controversial decisions, such as stepping back from royal duties, signing lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, and releasing his memoir ‘Spare’.

“He thought he would be happier and more free in America, but he has realized that he has traded one set of problems for another. He is constantly under pressure to justify his actions and to prove himself to the public. He is tired of being criticized and misunderstood,” the source said.

The source suggested that Harry may be considering a move back to the UK, where he could reconnect with his family and friends and resume some of his royal roles. The source said that Harry still loves his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and his brother, Prince William, and hopes to mend the rifts that have developed between them.

“Harry has not ruled out the possibility of returning to the UK in the future. He knows that he has made some mistakes and he is willing to admit them and apologize. He also knows that he has a lot of support and respect in Britain, especially for his work with veterans and mental health. He misses the sense of purpose and belonging that he had as a royal,” the source said.

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The source claimed that Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, may not be supportive of his desire to return to the UK, as she has allegedly isolated him from his friends and family. The source said that Meghan has a strong influence over Harry and that she may not want to give up her lifestyle and ambitions in the US.

“Meghan has her own agenda and she is not interested in reconciling with the royal family or the British public. She has made it clear that she wants to be a global star and a humanitarian leader, and she thinks that she can achieve that in America. She has isolated Harry from his friends and family and made him dependent on her. She may not let him go back to the UK, even if he wants to,” the source said.

The source’s claims echo the comments made by royal expert Phil Dampier, who told GB News that Harry is ‘lonely and isolated’ in California and that he may be forced to consider moving back to the UK¹.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    November 3, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    The wisest thing he should do is to return to his family and royal position and if Meghan disagrees with this knowing his position then he should leave her where she is and get back to being the happy go lucky prince that he once was and escape from the stressed existance he now has to lead to suit Meghan and her friends who have done a wonderful job of robbing him completely of his personality and the life he once led.

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