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Do you wake up often between 3AM and 5AM in the morning? The reason is much more important than you think

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To sleep well all night, without waking up even once.. may seem like an extremely rare thing, but it’s actually what your body needs for you to be productive – without feeling tired – the next day.

Many people think that going to bed at the right time guarantees a good night’s sleep, but then they wake up – almost every night between 3AM and 5AM in the morning. Sometimes it can cause problems, especially if you have trouble falling asleep again afterwards.

The fact that most people wake up during these hours is not a coincidence, nor is it bad luck. It turns out that there is meaning to the matter.

The hours between 3AM and 5AM in the morning are known as “hour of the wolf”, and they are named after the film by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

These are exactly the hours when the body enters its deepest rest, and this is why the functioning of the body is greatly affected by the phenomenon.

Hour of the wolf

For those who manage to sleep normally, the hour of the wolf represents the time when the sleep is deepest. But for those who wake up, it represents the time when anxiety emotions take over the body and are at their peak.

Our biological clock operates at the rising and setting of the sun, which means that things like body temperature, blood pressure and metabolism go down during the night. Around 4AM they are at their lowest level, as these are the stages in which the body is at its deepest rest. But if you suffer from anxiety, during these hours the emotions can be extremely strong, which is why you wake up.

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Here’s a helpful tip that can help you get the rest you need: Put your phone on silent, because it’s much more intrusive than you think. Then sit down and think again about what is bothering or stressing you, before you think about what can be done to deal with it.

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