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Psychic Predicts King Charles and Camilla Are Going to ‘Clash’ as They ‘Struggle to Share the Limelight’

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A celebrity psychic astrologer is weighing in on what could cause King Charles III and Queen Camilla to “clash” in the future.

When Queen Elizabeth II died, her oldest son became King Charles III. Now as Britain’s monarch, the spotlight is on him more than ever before. That’s also the case for his wife Queen Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles).

But sharing the spotlight isn’t one of the king’s strong points. And now a psychic is predicting that this is something the couple could really “struggle” with going forward.

Psychic reveals why King Charles and Camilla could ‘clash’ as they try to share the limelight

Inbaal Honigman is a celebrity astrologer and psychic who has been reading Tarot since the mid-90s. She has given predictions for Big Brother’s Little Brother, Elle Magazine, and talkSPORT radio to name a few. And now she’s revealing how the king and queen share the same “point of view on life” but their “proud” signs could “clash” as they “struggle to share the limelight.”

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Honigman explained: “Sensitive Cancer Camilla with passionate Scorpio Charles are two water signs. The element of water is fascinated with feelings, emotions, intuition, and caring. In astrology, two people who share an element are likely to share many characteristics, from favorite holiday spots to points of view on life. Cancerian Camilla will be the nurturing one, listening and comforting and making their house, or palace, a home. Scorpio Charles will be the funny one, the partner who says the wrong thing at the wrong time and makes everyone laugh.

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“The one thing about their compatibility which may be cause for concern, is that they both share a rising sign. In many cases, having the same rising sign could create a couple who have a lot in common, but since both these royals have proud Leo as their ascendant, this could create a clash. Leos like being center stage and struggle to share the limelight.”

Who got the most attention and the spotlight was a problem in the king’s first marriage.

Sharing the spotlight and who got the most attention was a major sticky point in the king’s first marriage to the late Princess Diana. The issue even became a plot in Netflix’s series The Crown.

In her secretly recorded tapes to biographer Andrew Morton, Diana spoke about one tour in particular tour in which Charles was jealous of the attention she received from the crowds everywhere they went. According to the princess, Charles had no problem letting her know just how upset he was.

“Basically our tour was a great success,” Diana said in the audio tapes. “Everybody always said when we were in the car: ‘Oh, we’re on the wrong side, we want to see her, we don’t want to see him.’ And that’s all we could hear when we went down those crowds, and obviously he wasn’t used to it and nor was I. He took it out on me. He was jealous. I understood jealousy but I couldn’t explain that. I didn’t ask for it.”

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