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Migrants face backlash for rejecting Bibby Stockholm accommodation

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The Home Office’s decision to house some asylum seekers on a barge in the Thames has sparked controversy and criticism from both migrants and politicians.

According to a report by GB News, the Bibby Stockholm, a former oil rig support vessel, has been converted into a temporary accommodation facility for up to 200 migrants who have crossed the Channel illegally.

The barge, which is moored near Tilbury Docks in Essex, has amenities such as a gym, a medical centre, a basketball court, a TV room and an IT room.

However, some migrants have refused to accept a bed on the Bibby Stockholm, claiming that the conditions are cramped, dirty and unsafe. They have also complained about the quality of the food and the lack of privacy. Some have even threatened to go on hunger strike or jump into the river if they are forced to stay on the barge.

This has provoked a strong reaction from some political commentators and MPs, who have accused the migrants of being ungrateful, dishonest and entitled

Carole Malone, a columnist for the Express and a presenter on GB News, said that migrants who refuse to accept a bed on the Bibby Stockholm should be forced to “make their own way” or “go back” to France, where they came from. She said that she was angry and frustrated by the migrants’ attitude, and that they were being treated better than many struggling Brits who do not have access to the facilities that the migrants have been given for free.

Lee Anderson, the Conservative MP for Ashfield and deputy chairman of the party, also expressed his displeasure with the migrants’ behaviour. He used an expletive to tell them to “foxtrot alpha” back to France if they did not like the accommodation they were being offered in Britain.

He said that he was speaking on behalf of many people in the real world who were fed up with the asylum system being abused by illegal immigrants. He refused to apologise for his language or his sentiments, saying that he was reflecting the views of his constituents.

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The Home Office has defended its use of the Bibby Stockholm as a temporary measure to deal with the surge in arrivals of asylum seekers across the Channel. It said that the barge was safe, secure and comfortable, and that it met all the standards required by law. It also warned that migrants who refuse to accept a bed on the barge could face losing their benefits or having their asylum claims rejected.

A poll conducted by YouGov found that 68 percent of voters believed that putting migrants on the Bibby Stockholm was perfectly acceptable, while 18 percent said it was unacceptable and 14 percent said they did not know. The poll also showed that 57 percent of voters supported Lee Anderson’s comments, while 27 percent opposed them and 16 percent said they did not know.

The issue of migrant accommodation has become a hot topic in British politics, as the government faces pressure to reduce the number of illegal crossings and reform the asylum system. The government has pledged to introduce a new Sovereign Borders Bill that would make it harder for illegal immigrants to claim asylum in Britain and easier for them to be deported.

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