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Royal Scandal Exposed: What Really Tore Apart King Charles and Prince Harry – The Shocking Truth Will Leave You Speechless!

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Prince Harry recently visited England before the 2023 Invictus Games but did not meet his father, King Charles III, or his older brother, Prince William. This revealed the state of the relationship between the Duke of Sussex, King Charles, and the Prince of Wales. A royal expert and author named Katie Nicholl said that what “really damaged” the relationship between Harry and King Charles was not just Harry being a spare, but what’s lacking in their relationship.

Nicholl said, “I think the fact that there isn’t any family reunion really gives us quite an indication as to the state of the relationship, both between Prince Harry and his father and with his brother.” Harry traveled to Germany for the Invictus Games after making a speech at a charity event in London, England. However, he is believed not to have seen William or the king.

“I’m told… there haven’t been any conversations [with William] for a long time,” Nicholl said. “There is some communication with Charles, but very little.” She continued, “I understand from sources close to Charles that he wants to have a relationship with his son. They do speak, but it’s very occasional. But I think the fact that they are not seeing each other on this trip… I think it’s a clear indication that the relationship is certainly strained between father and son.”

Nicholl further added that Spare, Harry’s memoir released in January 2023, is part of why the father and son don’t talk much. It’s not the searing passages about William, cringe-worthy Kate Middleton anecdotes, or picture of King Charles as a father. Instead, it’s the things Harry said about his stepmother, Queen Camilla. “There has been so much criticism leveled at the royal family, really personal criticism leveled at Camilla, the queen in his autobiography,” Nicholl said. “I think really that was very below the belt as far as the king was concerned. I think that has really damaged Harry’s relationship with Charles.”

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Harry’s remarks about Camilla in Spare were quite extensive. He remembered Camilla not showing a genuine interest in him when they first met. He also recalled begging King Charles not to marry Camilla in 2005. Perhaps most notably, Harry called Queen Camilla “dangerous,” claiming she leaked stories to the press to improve her own image. Occasional smaller digs, such as Harry’s disdain when Camilla turned his former bedroom into a dressing room, were also included.

While King Charles considered Harry’s remarks about Camilla as “below the belt,” the queen reportedly reacted with an eye roll. According to the expert, the matter of trust remains a big issue between King Charles and Prince Harry, thwarting any reconciliation talk. “Charles, I think, is more keen for some sort of reconciliation,” the expert said. “He’d like to have a sit-down and talk with his son. But there is a genuine concern on the king’s part that anything he says could then be sort of retold via Harry to a news media outlet. Because that’s what’s happened in the past. I think there is a real trust issue at stake here.”

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