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King Charles Furiously Wants to ‘Hit the Reset Button’ With Prince Harry, but There’s a Catch

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King Charles III and Prince Harry are not on their way to reconciling yet. Even though the king is reportedly eager to hit the “reset button” with his youngest son, the Duke of Sussex, it is said to be a “quid-pro-quo” situation where Harry will have to accept not getting everything he wants.

King Charles is not ready to apologize to Harry at the moment. Speaking to the Daily Beast, a “friend” of King Charles’s said that he would not expect an apology from Harry. The king knows that the Windsor family is a “stubborn lot,” and the Duke of Sussex is “no exception.” Therefore, an apology from either King Charles or Harry may not be on the horizon quite yet.

According to the king’s friend, hitting the “reset button” would depend on whether or not Harry would move forward without an apology. “The quid-pro-quo is, can Harry accept that he won’t be getting an apology either?” the friend asked.

It’s worth noting that Charles authorized Jonathan Dimbleby to write a book that attacked his parents. The former Prince of Wales authorized a 1994 biography about the then-Prince of Wales. However, they all basically forgot about it, chalked it down to experience, and moved on. Topics included the now-King Charles’s marriage to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, among others. At one point, Diana was described as a “hired womb.” Elsewhere were details on the king’s relationship with Queen Camilla and his distant parents.

Following Harry’s own bombshell memoir, “Charles wants to hit the reset button — but not at any price,” the friend concluded. Meanwhile, a former Buckingham Palace staffer who worked for King Charles told the outlet that the monarch has a “strategic need to resolve the issue” of the Harry-royal family estrangement.

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“It’s not sustainable for the king, who is the national symbol of unity, to be on such bad terms with his son that they haven’t been pictured together in years,” they explained. “Ultimately, Charles has a personal and strategic need to resolve the issue.”

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