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Prince William Just Shut Down Anyone Who Labels Him a Climate Change Hypocrite: ‘We’re Not Looking Back’

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The royal family has always been very heavily involved in charity. These days, the family’s purpose is to bring awareness to various issues that they’re passionate about, and climate change has always been a major one. If there is anything the royal family members can find common ground on despite their tensions, it’s the notion that the world needs to do better with preserving the earth’s resources.

However, many royal family members have been labeled hypocrites for their lavish lifestyles, such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle having 16 bathrooms and Prince William flying jets all over the world. But William just shut down anyone who labels him dishonest with a statement released by the royal family.

This year, William is traveling to Singapore for the Earth Shot Prize ceremony; in past years, he has traveled alongside Kate Middleton, but Kate is choosing to stay home with the kids for the 2023 ceremony. William will travel solo, but he has been labeled a hypocrite for hopping on a plane and flying thousands of miles from home all while asking people to help the environment. However, William isn’t taking the heat; the royal family recently released a statement clapping back at anyone who says William

“The Earthshot Prize is about finding innovative solutions that are going to help scale and change the future direction of planet, and what he or the Earthshot Prize will never do, is tell people not to get on planes and not to get in their cars,” part of the Palace’s statement read, via Express. “We’re not looking back to the Ice Age, we’re looking forward to the Green Age. It’s really important that instead of focusing on prevention, we can actually focus on the opportunity.”

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The Palace also revealed that William will be flying commercial to Singapore; he will not be taking a private jet, which will help reduce emissions.

William is not the only royal who has had to defend himself when it comes to his decisions involving the environment. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle purchased their massive home in Montecito, California, Harry came under fire for having 16 bathrooms in his home while preaching about conserving water

When Kate Middleton flew to a military base that was only a two-hour drive, she also came under fire for unnecessary emissions. And Charles, who has been known to take a helicopter to destinations that are within driving distance, has received some bad publicity of the same nature.

Harry and Meghan, as well as William and Kate, have been known to fly commercial with their families. Harry and Meghan took a commercial flight to Africa for their 2019 royal tour, and William and Kate have done the same for royal tours ever since.

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