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King Charles Is Starting To Get Jealous That William And Kate Are Getting The Most Important Thing He Should Get

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Now that he’s the head of the monarchy, King Charles may have expected more spotlight on him — but as it turns out, his son, Prince William, and wife, Kate Middleton, are still the stars of the show — and apparently, he’s not happy. According to royal insiders, Charles is “very jealous” that Will and Kate get all the attention from onlookers, and it may be getting to the point that he’s starting to let his family members know how much of the limelight they’re each allowed to claim for themselves. Call it royal math …

That’s never been more true now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer living and working as senior royals in the UK. All eyes are on the Prince and Princess of Wales like never before, and reportedly, it’s really starting to bug Charles, who may have expected a bit more attention now that he’s king.

According to what royal expert and author Clive Irving told The Daily Express, he has supposedly told Will and Kate how much of the spotlight they’re allowed to claim for their own.

“They worked out a kind of accommodation of how much limelight each is going to be allowed, because Charles is always very jealous of of other people stealing his limelight,” Irving said. “He’s worked out a deal now, whereby William and Kate can have an allotted percentage of the limelight.”

Irving guesses that Will and Kate are allowed 40% of the limelight, while Charles keeps the other 60%. Interesting …

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Will and Kate remain the most popular royals in the family (with Princess Anne coming in third, via a survey from YouGov), and Irving said that might be because William is better in tune with what the public wants to see from them.

“There’s a great deal of feeling that William understands the mood and the reality on the ground far more than Charles ever will,” he said.

During Princess Diana’s famed Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, she revealed that the public’s preference for her over her then-husband caused issues in their marriage.

“With the media attention came a lot of jealousy; a great deal of complicated situations arose because of that,” she admitted at the time.

At a time when the monarchy truly does need positive attention, Will and Kate are the ones always bringing it in — and it spells good things for the future, with William next in line for the throne. Hopefully, Charles can recognize that for the gift it is without letting the little green-eyed monster get in the way.

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