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Kate Middleton Has Been Making Secret Phone Calls to Prince Harry About This

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We can still remember a time when Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were the best of friends (and yes, it was before Meghan Markle came into the picture). But despite the fact that Harry and Kate’s husband aren’t exactly on the best of terms these days, a source close to the royals claims that Kate has been making secret calls to Harry, often late into the night.

Kate has been trying to be a comfort to Harry now that he’s striking out on his own in the US, according to what a source told the UK’s Closer magazine.

“Kate has been in touch with Harry to tell him to keep his chin up and not worry too much about these temporary setbacks,” the insider said.

This isn’t necessarily surprising, considering how close they once were … but we would have assumed that with Will and Harry at odds, Kate’s alliance would have been elsewhere. Instead, it seems she’s trying to support him quietly as much as possible.

“She feels very sorry for him right now. Seeing him go through all these setbacks is very difficult to witness and it tugs at her heartstrings — especially as his court trial is taking place so close to their home,” the insider added.

Don’t think that Kate and Harry being buddy buddy again will temp Will to do the same before he’s ready.

“It’s obviously an extremely sensitive and delicate situation between many of the other senior royals and especially William, who has made it very clear that he is not yet ready to sit down with Harry for peace talks or any type of open dialogue for that matter,” the source shared.

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“Kate wants to keep those lines of communication open and pave the way for long-term peace with the whole family — William included — down the line,” the source said.

This might not be such a bad idea on her part — and after all, Kate has been believed to be the peacemaker of the family, so this might just be what she’s best at.

And if that does happen, it sounds like William will have his wife to thank. In the meantime, if Kate truly is in touch with Harry, it seems like a good thing. We can’t imagine how hard it must be for him to be so distanced from his family after everything that has happened.

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