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Female Migrant Crushed And Thrown Overboard in Desperate Journey to UK

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In a devastating incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Europe, a 24-year-old female migrant from Eritrea lost her life as she attempted to reach the UK on a small boat. The tragic event unfolded when the vessel departed from Sangatte beach, located approximately five miles from Calais, leaving behind a tale of horror and despair.

The young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, met her untimely demise as she was caught in a chaotic and overcrowded situation on the boat. With a harrowing turn of events, she was crushed under the weight of approximately 80 other migrants and subsequently suffered asphyxia, ultimately leading to her tragic end.

In a disturbing turn of events, the unconscious body of the young woman was thrown overboard by her fellow passengers. This horrifying act was carried out before the remaining migrants continued their perilous journey across the English Channel. The group was intercepted by the UK Border Force and taken to Dover, as reported by The Telegraph.

The heart-wrenching discovery of the woman’s lifeless body was made by her partner, who had been traveling alongside her. In a somber and poignant moment, he retrieved her body from the unforgiving waters and brought her back to the shores of Calais.

Following this shocking incident, French authorities launched a thorough investigation into the matter. Their efforts culminated in the arrest of a group of 16 individuals believed to have links to people smuggling. These suspects are now facing allegations of orchestrating the border crossing operation, in which the tragic incident took place.

Authorities estimate that the individuals involved in this illicit operation may have accumulated a staggering £5 million from their criminal activities, highlighting the extent of the human trafficking crisis in the region. It is believed that numerous such perilous crossings have occurred as part of their operation, further emphasizing the scale of this issue.

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A source close to the investigation shared a chilling account, stating, “Police interviewed the partner of the woman who died who said she was trampled to death and then thrown overboard, unconscious. He jumped in to try and save her but it was too late. It shows how utterly ruthless these people are. Her partner was begging them to help, but they did not care.”

A spokesman from the French justice department added, “A young migrant, who was on board an overloaded small boat, appeared to be trampled in a stampede involving men, women, and children.” This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dire circumstances faced by migrants seeking a better life, as well as the ruthless nature of those who exploit their desperation.

As investigations continue, this incident underscores the urgent need for international cooperation to address the perilous journeys undertaken by migrants and the criminal networks that prey on their vulnerability.

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