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English Ship’s Disturbing Radio Message Exposes French Navy for Human Trafficking

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An incident involving an English cargo ship and the French Navy has sparked controversy, leading to accusations of ‘human trafficking’ towards Dover. The captain of the English ship, Scot Pioneer, expressed his frustration in a radio message to the French coastguard after witnessing French navy vessels escorting migrant boats towards British waters.

According to Express, The English captain accused the French Navy of “illegally trafficking immigrant boats” across the Channel. He reported that his vessel was blocked from entering Dunkirk harbour by the French navy, which was guiding the migrant boats around his ship towards Britain. The captain’s radio message was clear: “This is not search and rescue – this is illegal trafficking of humans.

The French coastguard responded to the captain’s complaints by stating that the navy’s actions were part of an “arrangement” between London and Paris. However, the English captain was not satisfied with this explanation, insisting that what he witnessed was an illegal operation.

This exchange was picked up by a fisherman in British waters and reported by the media, highlighting the ongoing tensions between England and France over the handling of the migrant crisis. The incident has raised questions about the responsibilities and actions of both nations in managing the flow of migrants attempting to cross the Channel.

The controversy comes at a time when the number of migrants making the dangerous journey across the Channel in small boats has been increasing. The UK and France have been working on solutions to address the crisis, but disagreements and challenges persist. The English captain’s accusations add another layer to the debate over how to handle the situation effectively and humanely.

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In conclusion, the radio message from the captain of the English cargo ship accusing the French Navy of ‘human trafficking’ to Dover has become a focal point in the discussion about the migrant crisis in the Channel. The incident underscores the need for clear communication and cooperation between England and France as they navigate the complexities of this humanitarian issue.

The situation has been described as the latest indictment of the French response to the small boats crisis. It follows reports of British-funded French police observing migrants boarding small boats to cross the English Channel illegally. The English ship captain’s damning radio message has brought further attention to the complex and often contentious issue of migration across the Channel.

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