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Anne claimed that Meg had 5 adopted, borrowed, leased, and surrogate children in California. However, a fact check Revealed the Truth

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Meghan Markle is not the mother of five adopted, borrowed, leased, or surrogate children in California, despite a conspiracy theory that is circulating online. Multiple fact-checking websites have debunked this claim, as there is no evidence to support it.

The rumor appears to have originated from a YouTube video posted in July 2022. According to the video, Meghan Markle secretly adopted, borrowed, leased, or used surrogates to have five children. It also claims that she is using these children to further her own agenda and gain public sympathy.

However, there is no public record of Meghan Markle having any children, whether through adoption, borrowing, leasing, or surrogacy. The video’s creator does not provide any credible sources for their claims, and YouTube has flagged the video for violating its policies on hate speech and misinformation.

It is more likely that the claim that Meghan Markle has children is simply a rumor, as there is no valid reason for her to keep such a secret. The creator of the video appears to be spreading misinformation about Meghan Markle, and their claims should not be taken seriously.

It is essential to be critical of information found online, and to verify any claims that seem too good to be true. The theory that Meghan Markle is the mother of five adopted, borrowed, leased, and surrogate children is baseless, and it should not be given any weight.

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