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The Future of Archie and Lilibet: Custody Battle Amidst Rumors of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Divorce

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As rumors swirl about the impending divorce of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, many are left wondering what the future holds for their children, Archie and Lilibet.

With Prince Harry potentially returning to the UK to be with the royal family, the question arises – who will have custody of the Sussex kids?

Given Archie’s position in the line of succession, one might assume that King Charles would want both Archie and Lilibet back in the UK.

However, stripping them away from their mother would appear heartless.

It is a complex situation indeed.

Meghan moving to the UK along with Prince Harry seems unlikely, considering her current unpopularity in the country.

It is more probable that she would prefer to keep her children in California, far away from the royal family, even if it means separating them from their father.

Alternatively, joint custody could be an option, ensuring that both parents have equal time with the children.

This would require the kids to split their time between California and the UK, though it may involve significant transatlantic travel.

However, there are some skeptics among royal fans who question the existence of Archie and Lilibet.

They speculate that Harry and Meghan used photos and videos of other people’s children, labeling them as their own.

These doubters have even given them nicknames like “Archificial” and “Invisible Lily.”

If it were made public that there are no actual children and the palace confirmed this, it raises the question of how they would address the situation.

After all, on their official website, Archie and Lily have been listed in the line of succession.

The lack of doctors’ signatures on the birth certificates and the absence of records in hospitals around the supposed birth dates further fuel these doubts.

The absence of public appearances by Lilibet and the sudden closure of the OB doctor’s practice who claimed to have delivered her add to the intrigue.

Why would this doctor cease practicing?

Would it be inappropriate for King Charles to request proof of birth for Meghan and Harry’s children?

Rumors suggest that King Charles is considering unsealing Archie’s birth record to determine if he was born via surrogate, as indicated by the term “gestational” in the record.

Additionally, the timing of filing birth records is legally mandated, raising further questions.

It is worth noting that Meghan’s decision not to present Archie on the steps of the Lindo Wing, a tradition followed by Diana and Catherine, has also sparked speculation.

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Some argue that she declined the opportunity because she did not give birth to the child herself.

As the uncertainty surrounding Archie and Lilibet’s existence continues, the custody battle remains a topic of interest.

The future of these children hangs in the balance, with their parents’ relationship under scrutiny and the public eagerly awaiting answers.

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1 Comment

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