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Anne Leaked Audio Meg Phone Call To Late Queen: She Harassed And Lied Through Her Teeth Ab Fake Calls

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According to a new report, Megan was making it pretty clear that if Prince Harry wants to go to London to see his family, he’s going to have to do it on his own. Because there’s no way that she will ever set foot in the UK again, let alone be in the same room as people like King Charles, Prince William, or even Princess Gate.

One source close to the situation has said that Megan was adamant that she wouldn’t return to the UK because she fears being booed by the British public. It comes as a revelation from a royal insider saying that Megan leaked to the media that she phoned the late queen during the earlier period of her marriage to Prince Harry.

The queen needed to be protected by trusted and courteous minders; even Katherine didn’t have access to a direct line to her majesty. So why did Megan have the Queen’s phone number? Jenny O, an account on Kora, explains that as the queen of the UK, the busy elderly monarch who bore the Commonwealth of Nations on her shoulders was unlikely to have accepted direct calls from grandchildren, never mind their spouses. The Queen’s children were the first line of support for their marriage, and being in her ’90s, she was way too elderly to be acting as a mentor or throwing lifelines to a former yacht girl who managed to stalk and trap her unstable grandson when he lost the plot.

Nope, the queen was way too well-protected by the Knights of the realm to be harassed by Megan just because she dated the monarch’s grandson. Megan can say whatever she likes about the royal family communications, which the palace won’t comment on, but given her penchant for leaking fake news to the press, every call to the queen, no matter where she may be, travels through a switchboard which directs it to a senior courier.

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The queen has told the courier who to speak to according to his instructions; she had a very short list because she was so busy, and every day of the week was already booked up weeks or months in advance. That goes for her grandchildren as well as her children, including Charles. She was able to continue with her day without being constantly interrupted because of it.

Two individuals gained access to the Queen’s mobile phone and phone number: Princess Anne and the racing manager. So the idea that Megan would call her was part of trying to demean the queen as if she was an old lady just waiting for a chat. Nope, the Queen’s life was very disciplined and incredibly busy; there certainly was no time for Megan.

In late August 2020, when Harry and Megan first moved into the Russian-owned Montecito mansion, Vanity Fair and People magazine were making a killing off of news leaks from Megan’s PR team that suggested the couple was still joined at the hip to the monarch, despite the fact that they’d been driven away to find freedom because of forbidden love and discrimination.

Another royal aid of Princess Anne also confirmed that Princess Royal and the Queen’s racing manager were the only individuals who had direct access to her majesty. So the notion that someone like Marle could call the Queen directly is absurd and yet another of her many lies.

Megan said that she found out that Prince Philip was hospitalized while filming her interview with Oprah Winfrey and that she called the queen to check in on the day she shot the second part of her Oprah interview. The Duchess of Sussex said she woke up to a note about the news from a member of a team in the UK. “I just picked up the phone and I called the queen just to check in,” Megan said in the CBS interview with Oprah. She highlighted how the casualness of the phone call contrasted with royal life in the UK.

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