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Prince Harry ‘frustrated’ at Meghan for ‘stealing his airtime’ during New York visit

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Prince Harry appeared to be have been “frustrated” during his latest visit to New York, as he “struggled to share airtime” with his wife Meghan Markle, a body language expert has claimed.

They added that the Duchess of Sussex appeared to be “struggling to find a purpose” when she was speaking in a panel about mental wellness in a digital age.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, known for his insightful analyses, dissected the royal couple’s interactions, shedding light on the complexities of their public appearances.

Stanton’s astute observations unveiled a multi-faceted Prince Harry. When in his solo element, like at the Invictus Games, the prince exudes an air of relaxation.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, he said: “I feel there are two sides to Harry, when he’s on his own like at the Invictus Games he is incredibly relaxed, his shoulders will be down and he smiles a great deal, you can see a degree of calmness.

“When he speaks to the press on his own he’s incredibly passionate and authentic, he comes over really well and gets lots of applause.”

But the expert added that when Harry is with Meghan “he does have a dramatic shift in emotions in terms of how he comes over.”

He said: “We can see in a number of photos from the New York conference that she’s beaming. She’s got a big smile on but he’s looking like someone stole his sweets.

“His eyebrows are down and pulled together, displaying frustration and anger and you think ‘why is Meghan displaying joy and happiness and he’s not?’”

But Stanton added that Meghan herself appears to be “struggling” to find a purpose at the moment, so “she almost tags onto Harry’s coattail.”

“I think he finds it frustrating because he’s’ trying to achieve certain things but with her there, his message gets diluted and it’s almost like having to share airtime, even though it’s his wife,” he said.

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Stanton theorized that Harry’s frustration might stem from this perceived overshadowing. While Meghan, with her eloquence and confidence, takes the spotlight, Harry’s messages risk getting diluted.

Despite being his wife, her strong presence seems to require him to share his airtime, leaving him feeling, metaphorically, as if someone stole his sweets.

Yet, Meghan herself isn’t immune to struggles. Stanton suggested that she might be grappling to find her purpose in the current limelight.

Amid her husband’s royal heritage, her own identity sometimes becomes secondary. In an attempt to carve her niche, she subtly clings to Harry’s coattails, a move that might intensify Harry’s underlying frustrations.

During the event, Meghan addressed a concern that resonates with many parents today: the impact of social media on children.

With Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, the couple is navigating the digital landscape as parents. Meghan’s fears were palpable as she spoke about the evolution of social media, from a platform fostering community to one that has devolved into something darker.

Her words carried the weight of a parent’s worry. “Our kids are really young, but social media is not going away,” she asserted, emphasizing the permanence of this digital reality.

Her fear, shared by countless parents worldwide, stemmed from the uncharted territory of raising children in an age dominated by screens.

The entry point that was supposed to be positive, uniting people and creating communities, had morphed into something that now needed addressing.

In Meghan’s words, one could sense a determination to make a difference. Her concern for other families was evident as she expressed the need for their stories to be heard.

The Duchess of Sussex, despite her own struggles for identity and purpose in the public eye, found strength in advocating for positive change.

In the intricate dance of public perception and royal duty, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s journey continues to captivate the world.

Their struggles and triumphs, evident even in their body language, serve as a testament to the challenges faced by many couples navigating fame, family, and societal expectations.

As they navigate these complexities, their story unfolds, a narrative that resonates with people far beyond the confines of palace walls.

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