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As people do not care Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are met with a cold greeting in New York City

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No crowds greeted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they travelled back to New York City to participate in a World Mental Health Day event.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex participated on a panel addressing mental health in the digital age as representatives of the Archewell Foundation at the Project Healthy Minds event on Tuesday in Hudson Yards.

However, it did not appear that New Yorkers were happy to see the royal couple again.

When asked about Harry and Meghan’s visit to New York, several residents responded that they “did not care,” and there was no crowd in the Hudson Yards neighbourhood when the couple arrived and left.

The Bronx resident Karla Mendez, 22, told Daily Express US in an exclusive interview: “I mean, if I get to see them, that is cool, but I did not know they were here.

EXCLUSIVE: Residents of New York City weigh in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s most recent visit to the city.

As stated by The-express News Published On Tuesday October 10 2023 As New Yorkers ‘do not care,’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry receive a cold welcome.

The majority of visitors and locals were unconcerned by the royals’ presence, despite the fact that six black SUVs were parked outside the site.

The Duke and Duchess most recently engaged in a “almost catastrophic automobile pursuit” with paparazzi while in New York in May for the Ms. Foundation 50th anniversary dinner, according to a spokeswoman for the couple.

This time, Harry and Meghan’s security was substantially tighter, and their entrance and exit from the venue largely went unnoticed.

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But one royal supporter made sure she attended the occasion.

I have always been a royal watcher, remarked A. McGinniss, a New Jersey author present at the event, to Daily Express US. The entire tale of them had me in awe. The entire family has a lot of my support.

But McGinniss concurred that there was less of a turnout in New York for Harry and Meghan.

There was no one there, she declared. It was quite chill, and I had been here for approximately six or seven hours. Everyone appeared to be quite respectful of them and eager to give them room.

McGinniss continued by saying that she attended the event in an effort to capture a picture of the Duke and Duchess for her upcoming book, “10 Lessons from Harry and Meghan.”

“I believed their narrative had a lot of instructional moments, which is why I decided to create the book,” she said.

The Royal Family tries to serve their country very much in general, and I think it is a fantastic thing for any nation to do

After spending roughly two hours at the event, where they spoke with NBC’s Carson Daly about fostering community and bringing about positive change online for young people, Harry and Meghan exited Hudson Yards.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, also participated in the conversation.

The royal couple chatted to pupils at the college alternative during their first stop in New York, The Marcy Lab School in Brooklyn.

Since the conclusion of the Invictus Games in Germany last month, they will make their first significant public appearance on Tuesday

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