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When Meghan Markle Discovered how much money Prince Harry makes she was overwhelmed

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In order to guarantee a throne heir, the House of Windsor has a massive family tree. The British royal family performs almost 2,000 engagements together around the world, making them essential to the UK’s presence there.

The “firm” now consists of people from all walks of life, including some of the most recognisable figures on the planet. Indeed, the names and faces of Britain’s most famous family are well known to the majority of people. However, it is likely that you were also unaware of their level of wealth. Find out in the next paragraphs how much it costs to be a member of England’s most famous dynasty.

Net Worth of Each Member of the Royal Family

As stated by News Published On Tuesday October 03 2023 When Meghan Markle learned of Prince Harry’s wealth, she was shocked.

1. Lady Amelia Windsor
Net worth: $1 million

Title: Lady Amelia Windsor

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and Katharine, Duchess of Kent’s daughter, is Lady Amelia Windsor. The young royal is well-known due to both her royal lineage and her good looks, despite the fact that she is pretty far down the queue for the throne.

Successful model Lady Amelia has walked the runway for some of the biggest names in fashion, including Dolce & Gabbana. She recently collaborated with Penelope Chilvers to develop a range of shoes. A charity that helps children in war zones, War Child, received 20% of the money from those sales. She does work for companies including BVLGARI, Chanel, and Azzedine Alaia.

2. Zara Tindall
Net worth: $20 million*

Title: None (but 20th in line to the throne)

Zara Tindall, the Queen’s eldest granddaughter, has a vast list of accomplishments. Zara is a seasoned professional equestrian who has even won silver at the 2012 London Olympics. She takes advantage of the fact that she does not own a royal title. She has thus been able to secure endorsement contracts with prestigious companies like Musto Outdoor Clothing, Rolex, Land Rover, and many more.

In addition to being an Olympian, a brand ambassador, and a financier, Tindall is a business owner in the jewellery sector. She owns a jewellery line under the Cajella name. The line, which consists of her own designs, has had recent success in sales.

3. Lady Kitty Spencer
Net worth: $77 million*

Title: Lady Kitty Spencer

Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s younger brother, is the father of this beautiful beauty. As a result, Lady Kitty Spencer is Princess Diana’s niece. Despite not holding a particularly high position in the royal hierarchy, she has one of the highest royal fortunes in the entire family.

Lady Kitty is a famous runway model who has strutted the runway for some of the greatest names in fashion. She received millions of dollars to serve as a BVLGARI ambassador. She still owes the majority of her income to inheritance, but a flourishing modelling career has made her one of the wealthiest (and most recognisable) members of the family.

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4. Katharine, Duchess of Kent
Net worth: $10 million*

Title: Katharine, Duchess of Kent

Katherine, who has been Prince Edward’s wife since 1961, is one of the Royal Family’s most reserved members. She has a reputation for avoiding the spotlight completely. Despite these efforts, she became the first Royal Family member since a 1701 Parliament law to convert to Catholicism, making headlines. The purpose of this rule was to guarantee that only Protestants would succeed to the thrones of England and Ireland. When Katharine converted to Catholicism, the Queen personally gave her blessing.

In addition, the Duchess has a long history of involvement with the music industry.She has performed while taking part in several choirs.Despite her quiet demeanour, she has a similar net worth to her spouse.There is really nothing to be ashamed about.

5. Gabriella Windsor
Net worth: $40 million*

Title: Lady Gabriella Windsor

A freelance writer and member of the British Royal Family, Lady Gabriella Windsor. In 2019, she wed Thomas Kingston, becoming Lady Gabriella Kingston. Her great-grandparents were the Grand Duke and Duchess of Russia, and her grandparents were Greek and Danish royalty.

1981 saw the birth of Lady Windsor at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. In terms of the British throne’s succession, she is fifty-first in line. The Prince and Princess of Kent were her parents. She published her wedding video on the Royal Family Channel in May 2019. Numerous members of the royal family attended her extravagant wedding.

6. Princess Alexandra
Net worth: $22-25 million*

Title: Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy

Princess Alexandra is the first cousin (once removed) of both the Queen and Prince Philip. Despite this, the princess will inherit a sizable sum of money from the monarchy. She was formerly married to Sir Angus Ogilvy, a wealthy businessman. She became his widow, and the bequest she got after his death brought her a little income.

The Princess participates in several engagements in favour of the Queen, just like her royal contemporaries. She has held this position since the late 1950s. She participates in more than 100 engagements annually, making her one of the family’s busiest members. Health difficulties have caused a slowdown in this work in recent years. She nevertheless continues to attend numerous ceremonial and philanthropic events.

7. Autumn Phillips
Net worth: $20 million*

Title: Lady Phillips

Autumn Phillips (née Kelly), who wed Peter Phillips in 2008, is a member of the royal family. Despite living in London with her family, she was born in Quebec and is still a Canadian citizen. Savannah and Isla are two of her daughters.

In 2003, Peter and Autumn met at the Canadian Grand Prix. According to the legend, Peter did not reveal to Autumn that he was a member of the royal family until she saw him on television standing next to Queen Elizabeth II.

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8. Arthur Chatto
Net worth: $41 million*

Title: No title

The young Arthur Chatto is the twenty-fifth in line to the throne. He is the late Queen’s grand-nephew, which explains why. Daniel Chatto and Lady Sarah Chatto are his parents. Despite coming from a royal family, Arthur is best known for something quite different. He is a real hunk, so that would be that. A topic he is delighted to share on social media, without a doubt.

The royal stud has a devoted following that keeps tabs on his whereabouts and social media updates. It is odd to see a member of the English royal family being so outspoken on social media. But for the family in the digital age, the transparency has been an interesting change of pace.

9. Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick
Net worth: $45 million

Title: Lord Downpatrick

Lord Edward “Eddy” Downpatrick is Princess Diana’s godson. His great-grandmother was Princess Marina of Denmark and Greece, and his grandfather were Prince George, the Duke of Kent. He established the brand FIDIR and is a fashion designer who attended Eton College.

He was born in London in 1988, and despite his royal ties, he is renowned for being unassuming and making an effort to have a regular upbringing. George Windsor, the Earl of St. Andrews, is his father. His mother is historian Sylvana Tomaselli, who was born in Canada.

10. Lady Marina Windsor
Net worth: $8 million

Title: Lady Marina Windsor

Lady Marina Windsor, a member of the royal family and a model, is a child of Sylvana Tomaselli and the Earl of St. Andrews. She is thus the sister of Eddy Downpatrick and Lady Amelia Windsor. Her confirmation by the Catholic Church in 2008 resulted in her removal from the succession to the throne

Princess Marina of Greece and the Duke of Kent were her great-grandparents. Before deciding to pursue a career in academia, she worked as a model and had appearances in Tatler Magazine. She also has Muay Thai boxing training, which she picked up while visiting Thailand in 2012.

11. Kate Middleton
Net worth: $28 billion*

Title: Catherine, Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton has been in the spotlight for a long time because she and Prince William were only married 10 years after they first met. Kate is the first non-blood relative to join the family, yet she is accustomed to living in affluence above the norm.

The Princess is anticipated to inherit some of the $7,7 to $23 million that the Princess’s family’s thriving online mail-order party supply company, Party Pieces, is worth. It is logical to assume that her net worth will only increase given these factors and the fact that The Duchy of Cornwall pays for the majority of her expenses.

12. Sarah Ferguson
Net worth: $1 million*

Title: Duchess of York

Undoubtedly one of the royal family’s most colourful members is Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson. She is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, therefore her standing within the regal family is a little out of date. She still frequently attends royal functions and is still well known to be a member of the royal family.

Following her husband’s extended absences, Fergie and Prince Andrew separated. After the breakup, Fergie was later captured in a contentious photo suntanning, which made a sensation in the UK.

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13. Camilla Parker Bowles
Net worth: $5 million*

Title: Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom

Since 2005, Camilla has been Prince Charles’ second wife. She had served as the president, patron, and member of numerous nonprofits and associations with a variety of goals while she was Duchess of Cornwall (the only title she ever used; she never referred to herself as Princess of Wales).

Bowles worked as a secretary and a receptionist in numerous London businesses before she wed Prince Charles. Her real estate holdings and a stipend from the Duchy of Cornwall, which pays for her expenses as a member of the Prince of Wales’ family, make up the majority of her total income, nevertheless.

14. Princess Charlotte
Net worth: $4 billion*

Title: Princess Charlotte of Wales

Prepare yourself: Princess Charlotte’s projected net worth is considerably higher. As if Prince Georgie’s net worth were not shocking enough already. In a way, the fact that she has been famous since the day she was born has been to her benefit.She attends a lot of occasions with the Royal Family, although that makes up only a portion of her net worth.The cause is actually more related to what she was wearing at the time.

The Princess’ style influences a lot of what sells in apparel stores, sometimes having a significant enough impact to cause items to sell out across Britain, a phenomenon known as “The Charlotte Effect.” In other words, the young royal is not only extraordinarily expensive but also a global emblem of style.

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