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This Man Died For 7 Minutes Reveals What He Saw In The Afterlife And How He Escaped Death

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This Man Died For 7 Minutes Reveals What He Saw In The Afterlife And How He Escaped Death

Life, death, and what lies beyond, actor Shiv Grewel shares his extraordinary encounter with the afterlife. Grewel faced sudden cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead for a staggering seven minutes. What he claims to have experienced during those moments is nothing short of astonishing.

On that fateful day, Grewel and his wife Alison enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a local French restaurant in southeast London. Despite feeling well throughout the meal, Grewel suddenly grew fatigued and struggled to communicate on the way home. Alarmed by his condition, Alison dialed NHS Direct for guidance. However, Grewel’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and his life hung in the balance as his heart stopped.

Paramedics arrived in the nick of time, using CPR to bring Grewel back from the brink. Miraculously, he regained consciousness after being officially dead for seven minutes. Grewel vividly recalls his experience, stating, “I knew, somehow, that I was dead. I was aware my brain was dying and crying out for help. But, at the same time, I felt things completely separate from my body. It was like I was in a void but could feel emotions and sensations.”

Grewel’s journey into the afterlife is described as a “cosmic journey” by the man himself. He now channels this profound experience into his art, attempting to convey his otherworldly encounter through paintings showcased in his exhibition, ‘Reboot,’ at the Karma Sanctum Hotel in London.

During his time in the afterlife, Grewel claims to have encountered various options, including the possibility of reincarnation. However, his determination to return to the material world and reunite with his beloved wife was unwavering. “I demanded that I was coming back, and I got my wish,” he declared.

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Describing the afterlife, Grewel likened it to “a waking dream” where he existed without a physical body but remained acutely aware of emotions and sensations. He recounted moments of weightlessness, akin to swimming through water, and surreal visions of celestial bodies like the moon and meteorites.

Grewel’s return to the living world was not without challenges. Medical interventions, including the placement of a stent in his main artery and an induced coma, were necessary to save his life. Five years later, he still grapples with mobility and speech difficulties and has developed epilepsy. Nevertheless, his encounter with the afterlife has left an indelible mark on him.

A self-described “scientifically-minded” individual, Grewel now finds himself believing in the afterlife, despite his previous skepticism. He has become both less fearful and more apprehensive about death, recognizing the preciousness of life’s every moment. In an effort to share his newfound perspective, Grewel emphasizes the importance of kindness, declaring it as a “fundamental truth” for humanity’s evolution and betterment.

In a world filled with questions about what comes after death, Shiv Grewel’s extraordinary journey offers a glimpse into the mysteries of the afterlife and a profound appreciation for the beauty of life itself.

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