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13-Year-Old’s Groping Case Raises Concerns After Child Abuser Says I’ll Ride You Till Morning

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In a shocking incident that unfolded at Rivacre Valley Country Park in Cheshire, 27-year-old Jade Berry found herself drunkenly staggering through the park. What transpired next has left a community in disbelief and raised questions about the justice system’s response to such offenses.

According to The Metro on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, on that fateful day, Berry came across a 13-year-old boy who was chatting with a friend. Without hesitation, she plunked herself between them, trying to join in their conversation. Her actions soon took a deeply disturbing turn as she began to stroke the young boy’s private area over his clothing and made inappropriate sexual comments.

The two boys, clearly frightened and alarmed, decided to leave the situation. As they got up to go, Berry further horrified them by dropping her trousers and flashing herself before eventually passing out on a bench.

Upon returning home, the young boy informed his mother about the horrifying ordeal he had endured. Appalled by the incident, his mother immediately contacted the police. However, Berry had fled the scene by the time the authorities arrived, but they discovered her bank card and phone nearby.

Two days later, on October 5th of the same year, Berry was arrested in connection with the incident. In a rather peculiar response, she claimed, “Oh my God, I do not recall anything, like.” This raises concerns about her level of intoxication during the incident.

In a court of law, Berry admitted to the sexual assault. However, her punishment has left many questioning the justice system’s response to such a distressing case. She received a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, which means she would not serve time behind bars if she stays out of legal trouble during this period.

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Moreover, Berry was ordered to wear a “sobriety” tag for 18 months and to complete a 35-day rehabilitation activity requirement. Additionally, she was mandated to sign on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years. These measures are seen as an attempt to ensure she does not repeat her offense.

The incident occurred on October 3rd last year after Berry had been drinking heavily with friends and was making her way through the nature reserve. James Coutts, the prosecutor in the case, provided a harrowing account of the event. He described how Berry, who was unknown to the victim, sat between the two boys and proceeded to touch and rub the victim’s genitals and upper thigh over his clothing. All the while, she made highly inappropriate and sexualized comments, further traumatizing the young boy.

The court also learned that Berry had been aware of the victim’s age, as the boys had been discussing his upcoming 14th birthday. This knowledge raises concerns about premeditation and whether Berry’s actions were calculated

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