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Nursing Home Adopts dog who kept escaping the pound and sneaking in to play with elderly residents

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A story that’s sure to melt your heart. According to USA Today, a stray dog named Scout found his way into the facility, stealing the hearts of its elderly residents.

Scout, a shelter mutt, had a knack for sneaking away from Antrim County Animal Control and making his way into the nursing home. On one memorable night, he strolled through the automatic doors and made himself comfortable on the lobby couch, where he peacefully dozed off.

The surprise discovery of this adventurous pup led to a call to the nearby animal shelter, resulting in his temporary removal. However, this setback didn’t deter Scout, who managed to sneak back in not once, but twice more.

Marna Robertson, the nursing home’s administrator, saw something special in Scout’s persistence. She asked the staff if anyone would like to have a dog, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Scout’s past remains a mystery, but it’s believed he had a rough life, possibly even enduring abuse, evidenced by pellets from a BB gun still embedded in his jowls.

Once formally adopted, Scout brought immeasurable joy to the residents. Rhonda Thomczak, an administrative assistant at Glacier Hill, expressed how having a dog around created a sense of “home” in the facility, something many of the residents dearly missed.

Despite serving 20 elderly residents, Scout became everyone’s beloved companion. A video of Scout exploring his new home touched the hearts of many on social media, with one Facebook user commenting, “This is what every nursing home needs!” Another admitted, “I have something in my eye,” and a third simply stated, “The best creatures on earth.” Indeed, Scout’s presence became a source of comfort and happiness for all.

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