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Man explains why he let unbelievably huge spider the size of his face live in his house for a year

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In the UK, many of us get scared when we think about finding a spider in our homes, regardless of its size. But in Australia, it’s a different story. Over there, not only are the spiders much bigger, but they’re also more likely to wander into your house.

Now, most people in Australia aren’t too fond of spiders either, except for a guy named Jake Gray. He was perfectly fine with having a massive huntsman spider as a long-term guest in his home. He even gave her a friendly name, Charlotte.

Jake thought Charlotte would make a great housemate because she helped keep their home free from cockroaches without needing harmful chemicals. To make the situation easier for their kids, Jack and Bella, they decided to call the spider Charlotte.

Huntsman spiders might seem scary due to their size, but they’re not as dangerous as they appear. They rarely use their venom on humans and usually prefer to run away when confronted.

Even if they do bite, it usually doesn’t cause serious harm. So, maybe we should all be a bit more understanding of spiders like Charlotte, just like Jake and his family are.

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