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Bladerunners: Tearing Down ULEZ Cameras in Protest of Sadiq Khan’s Policies

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These masked individuals, known as the “Bladerunners,” are on a mission to dismantle the shiny new ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) cameras that perch ominously atop traffic lights throughout the metropolis. has had an exclusive conversation with the group’s founder, Ben MacMillan, revealing their motivations, tactics, and surprising demographics, as well as their contentious relationship with London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

According to a report by Express on Saturday, 23 September, 2023, It all began with a simple act of defiance. MacMillan and a few like-minded individuals decided to take matters into their own hands and test the waters. Armed with a pole, they brought down a ULEZ camera and shared an image of their deed on Facebook.

This act served as a litmus test to gauge public support. According to MacMillan, “From that, we were able to see who supported what we had done, and then privately message those we believed would help.”

Additional recruits joined the cause during anti-ULEZ protests, which were growing in frequency as Mayor Sadiq Khan expanded the Ultra Low Emission Zone to encompass all of Greater London in August 2023, imposing hefty fines of £12.50 per day on non-compliant vehicles.

Early in 2023, the Bladerunners organized a pivotal meeting that would set the tone for their unconventional campaign.

MacMillan described the scene, saying, “We took a van and opened it, and inside was a ULEZ camera.” It was there, under the moonlight in a park, that they revealed their methods to eager newcomers. “We showed these new people how we had destroyed it and how they could do it too,” MacMillan recalled.

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What stood out most during this meeting was the unexpected demographic of these newfound allies.

Contrary to popular perception, they weren’t the stereotypical “hooded criminals” one might imagine. Instead, they were “ordinary working people” united by their shared frustration with the ULEZ policies.

The Bladerunners operate covertly, cloaked in the anonymity of the night. Armed with their array of tools, they locate ULEZ cameras and systematically dismantle them.

Their actions are not driven by criminal intent, but rather by a deep-seated belief that the ULEZ expansion is an unjust burden on hardworking Londoners.

Surprisingly, the Bladerunners have garnered significant public support for their actions. Many residents share their grievances over the ULEZ expansion and see the Bladerunners as champions of their cause.

This widespread sympathy has emboldened the group to continue its campaign against the cameras.

Additionally, MacMillan hinted at having “allies” and “informers” within local councils and even the police force. While the extent of these connections remains shrouded in secrecy, it raises questions about the breadth of their support network.

A central figure in the Bladerunners’ campaign is none other than the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The group’s actions are, in part, a direct response to Khan’s decision to expand the ULEZ to cover all of Greater London, resulting in significant financial penalties for many residents.

MacMillan explained, “Our anger is directed at Mayor Khan and his disregard for the struggles of ordinary Londoners.”

The Bladerunners’ efforts reflect a broader sentiment among those who oppose the ULEZ expansion. They perceive it as a heavy-handed approach that disproportionately impacts lower-income individuals who rely on older vehicles for their daily commute.

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In conclusion, the Bladerunners are a group born out of frustration, united by their shared opposition to the ULEZ expansion. While their methods may be controversial, they are a symbol of the deep-seated discontent that exists among many Londoners.

Their actions shine a spotlight on the need for a comprehensive discussion and reevaluation of environmental policies to ensure they do not disproportionately burden ordinary citizens.

In the midst of the night, they continue their mission to dismantle ULEZ cameras, leaving the city divided and sparking a debate that shows no signs of fading into the darkness.

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