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The Kitten Couldn’t Stop Crying, Nothing Helped, It Turned Out He Had

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Kattie was a kind and empathetic girl who had a soft spot for animals. One day, while making her way home, she came across a tiny, frightened red kitten that had been left behind near a dumpster. Immediately, she felt a surge of sympathy and knew she had to do something to help the little creature.

With gentle care, Kattie picked up the kitten and cradled it in her arms. To her surprise, the kitten began to whimper softly as soon as she held it. She felt a sense of concern wash over her and wondered why the kitten was feeling so emotional. Perhaps it was simply overwhelmed with gratitude for being rescued from the streets.

Assuming her assumption was correct, Kattie continued to shower the kitten with love and care. She fed him, provided a warm bed, and even chose a name for him—Nolan. However, every time Kattie picked Nolan up, he would begin to cry, and it broke her heart. The more it happened, the more Kattie became worried. Maybe Nolan didn’t want to be with her. Perhaps he longed for the freedom of the streets. Deep down, she feared that she wasn’t the right person to provide him with the love and comfort he needed.

Kattie couldn’t bear the idea of making Nolan cry anymore, so she made a choice. She decided to bring Nolan to the animal hospital, hoping they would be able to find him a better home. With tears rolling down her face, she held onto the little kitten, trying to comfort him even though they would soon have to part ways.

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Once they arrived at the hospital, Kattie spoke to the veterinarian, explaining the situation anxiously. The compassionate vet listened carefully and gave Nolan a thorough examination. After a few moments, the vet’s face lit up with understanding.

The veterinarian spoke softly to Kattie and shared the reason for Nolan’s tears. Kattie felt a mix of hope and apprehension as she waited for the explanation. The vet revealed that Nolan was allergic to something, which was causing his eyes to water. Based on Kattie’s description, the vet suspected that Kattie’s cosmetics were the culprit.

Kattie was surprised that something as simple as her cosmetics could cause Nolan’s distress. The vet recommended that Kattie avoid wearing any cosmetics when handling Nolan and prescribed eye drops to alleviate his discomfort.

Kattie followed the vet’s advice with gratitude and hope. The next day, she picked up Nolan with trepidation, hoping that her newfound knowledge would end his tears. To her amazement, the little red kitten snuggled into her arms, purring contentedly, and not a single tear was shed.

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